Pure jasmine salt rice clean soap handmade soap cold soap for oily skin

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This soap is very special, using materials that have been specially used for purification since ancient times and blending it into the soap...


Pure jasmine salt rice clean soap handmade soap cold soap for oily skin


This soap is very special. It uses materials that have been specially used for purification since ancient times, and blends it into the soap. It inherits the magic formula used by ancient grandma. It does not need to pull weeds everywhere. It contains purification materials used in various religions. It is organically certified by the European Union. The addition of essential oils can not only be used for skin cleansing, but also has a purifying and light fragrance effect, which is suitable for oily skin and normal skin. [Question about the number of salt and rice] With the advent of the special month, this ancient method of salt and rice soap is also very popular. It has unified many consumers' questions, and let the snail soap board answer some!! 1. Salt rice soap to avoid evil? Answer: We are a very scientific soap-making studio registered by the government, legally operated, and not religious practitioners. Therefore, amulets are more useful for preventing evil. There are many temples!! (Music: Of course, if you really don’t know where there is amulet, please send a private message to the snail soap board. The boss has many ways to find amulet. 2. Salt rice soap to remove filth? Answer: Of course, soap eliminates filth, but it may not be the same as you think. So I have to transform into a small teacher of Chinese language to answer some questions. The filth is said in ancient times, not only refers to the interpretation of metaphysics, but refers to uncleanness. Corrosion, stagnant air, for the human body, the skin is the largest organ. If it is blocked by grease, dust, etc., and cannot be metabolized normally, it will naturally cause skin problems. The effective cleaning of natural soap can remove the toxins, oil and contaminated dust on the surface of human skin, which are metabolized by sweat, to achieve effective cleaning, restore freshness and cleanliness, and naturally have the effect of removing filth, plus salt and rice. It is even more powerful!! 3. What is Grandma's ancient formula? Answer: This is our special formula. In addition to the common wormwood and hibiscus, there are other traditional folk custom additives. Although these wormwood hibiscus are magical in the legend, they actually have their effects in Chinese medicine. They are all very scientific. They are used to bathe, let the skin breathe, pores are clear, naturally refreshed, comfortable with good soap, and naturally everything is auspicious!! Good salt rice, not to buy? Weight: 100g/piece Note: If there is no added antibacterial agent, please use it as soon as possible. If there is any discomfort or smell, please stop using it and discard it immediately. Manufacturer: Mani Agarwood Shelf life: twelve months. Origin: Taiwan #手爪#螺牛之奔#客制#制柚#Development#油性#cleaning#乾爽#皮质# SOAP#食材# few custom-made #冷制 SOAP# SOAP#清净#乳香#没药#benzoin


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