Extremely simple cotton double-sided hand-top flat fisherman hat - dark green

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Plain and invincible, wear a foolproof! In the beautiful days of the flames of the sun



Extremely simple cotton double-sided hand-top flat fisherman hat - dark green


https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/pub/detail_banner.jpg https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/pub/banner_01.png https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/05_olivegreen.jpg ▲The fisherman hat has both functional and individual accessories. Plain and invincible, wear a foolproof! In the beautiful days of the flames of the sun A plain fisherman hat is refreshing It is a good accessory that does not pick people's styling points~ Especially looking for skin-friendly soft breathable cotton Because of the delicate sewing The cap can be flat or slightly rolled up Can also be casual, elegant or playful https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/05_olivegreen_fold.jpg ▲The hat can be folded to personal style (example color: dark green) ☆Please read the design museum trading policy before ordering☆ ◇ size cm head circumference about 56-58 depth about 10 hat 檐 width about 5. ◇Materials are 100% cotton. - Photos will have different color differences depending on the monitor. - Despite the question before the order, don't imagine it and cause misunderstanding! https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/04_olivegreen.jpg ▲Any fold, light and portable! https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/02_caramel.jpg https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/03_caramel.jpg ▲ double-sided color (the seam between the cap and the hat) The sewing is a little different. https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/05_olivegreen_2sides.jpg The second demonstration color: dark green https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/01_black.jpg ▲ black order page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/sgUNAjWr https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/01_gray.jpg ▲ gray order page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/EJWAyS7C https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/01_red.jpg ▲ red order page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/57L625YX https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/01_caramel.jpg ▲ milk tea (khaki) color order page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/TiUSjQFF https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/01_olivegreen.jpg ▲ dark green order page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/hC5yiUS7 https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/hat/01_brown.jpg ▲Dark brown ordering page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/hfyQ7v36 Maintenance method: It is recommended to wash by hand. Put it in the laundry bag and dehydrate it for a short time. It is recommended to use a dry method. Do not use bleach or chlorine cleaners. Do not soak for a long time. Partially honing clothes can cause damage and fading of the fabric. Fiber cloth products, if they are discolored or faded due to moisture, sunlight or high temperature, are natural phenomena. https://i.imgur.com/CxC3jzO.jpg iShare loves the works that are now hand-made, Inspiration is inspired to feel every detail in the simple life. From design, pattern making, cloth-seeking, sewing, graphic printing, Are personally presenting the work That is imperfect and perfect to pass the thick hand temperature. ☆Precautions before placing an order☆ ➤Preparation (pre-prepared semi-finished/finished product), please ask if there is any reserve before ordering. The production time of the ➤ works may wait for about 7 days to 2 months, or it may be earlier. Due to factors such as the material, style, quantity, and ordering time of the work, it will affect the time when the preparation/finished product is completed. If you can't wait, you can change the style with the reserve. If you can't wait, please don't, don't, don't order, so as not to cause trouble for you and me! Thank you! Oh, sorry, sometimes I can't handle the urgent drop. ➤The work is done by hand from cutting to sewing. The size, size, shape and color will be different and will not be exactly the same. Different models of the same color or the same color, encountering different batches of fabric texture, feel, color will be a little bit worse. If you have any questions, please ask before [ordering]! Detailed communication can save you money, money and time due to misunderstanding. Handmade goods are inevitably a little imperfect, that is the beauty of hand-made, high perfectionists do not order! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / iShare original hand made


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