British bone china 1940 antique hand-painted bone china flower cake plate dessert plate afternoon tea

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British bone china 1940 antique hand-painted bone china flower cake plate dessert plate afternoon tea


British bone china 1940 antique hand-painted bone china flower cake plate dessert plate afternoon tea


♥~ Product description: 1940 British-made hand-painted flower series Romantic colors with lively and lovely brushwork One more naive and simple style Brand: Stevenson, Spencer and Co Ltd (Picture 3) This British brand was founded in 1948 The porcelain embryo is light and transparent, slightly facing the light source, Can reveal the hand-painted shadows and clear hand-painted strokes (Figure 4) Gives people a sense of time and space travel The cake pan is intact and has no chipped corners and cracks (the same series of products are matched with flower tea cups, picture 3) ♥~Size: 25.5 cm x 23cm ♥~International shipping fee: UK to Taiwan NT 300 plus, international express delivery every Friday, about 6 days from shipment to receipt ♥~Time background notes: The products of the installation art period have bright and strong color symbols, and they especially like to use strong primary colors and metallic colors (such as bronze, gold, silver and other colors). Commonly used color combinations include: bright red, bright blue, orange red, dark green, etc... … Of course there will be strong graphic symbols such as simple geometric figures, These include; sunlight radiation type, lightning type, zigzag type, overlapping arrow type, star twinkling type or Egyptian pyramid type. Many people think that only the upper class can enjoy the fun of collecting and buying antique bone china. But in fact, many consumers of antique bone china in Europe and the United States are middle-class with taste. Perhaps it is that the antique stock market in Europe and America is more selective and mature. Generally, the collection of antique bone china is mostly classified by age or general category, such as older ones. George period or Victoria Victoria period The market of works in this period is rare, and collectors are also unwilling to release it. At present, on the contrary, the number of people who collect works during the Edwardian Edwardian and Art Deco installation art periods has gradually increased. Newbies or interested buyers can do it without visiting, choose their favorite composition colors and products to buy. ♥~Anni thinks that collecting antique coffee cups or flower tea cups is like collecting art. Each piece shows the personal taste of the collector and the time and space background and mood of the collection. In addition, you can also communicate with friends from time to time Enjoy the fun of afternoon tea, the key is to increase your knowledge during the collection process, it is a hobby that can be counted in one fell swoop ♥~Good news~The fan group of "Annie's Crazy Antiquities" has been established on FB^^~Just search for "Annie's Crazy Antiquities" on FB, then go in and click like, you can share the fun of collecting antiquities with your friends at the same time. ~Welcome to join "Annie Crazy Antiquities" as one of the members of the antiquities treasure hunt ^^~ If you want to combine purchases of other items on the Annie Crazy Antiquities Store, please let me know which items to combine, I will calculate the shipping cost for you and return the buyer with a 10% discount on the total shipping fee, thank you! Please read about me before placing a bid It is inevitable that there are color differences in the photographed products. Please read the product pictures and instructions carefully before placing a bid. Buyers who require perfect products, please consider carefully before placing a bid. I am happy to answer any questions about the product. Thank you for visiting me here and hope everyone enjoy your shopping here ♥ ~Annie~ Origin / manufacturing method British system


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