Vintage 黛 Purple Violet Hill 100% Dyed Wool Handmade Double Breasted Loose Fit Coat

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Vintage 黛 Purple Violet Hill is the big 100% fixed dyed wool handmade double-breasted loose silhouette coat long OVERSIZE jacket minimalist Minimalist rummaged over Panton color card



Vintage 黛 Purple Violet Hill 100% Dyed Wool Handmade Double Breasted Loose Fit Coat

商品説明!!18008920.jpg This coat has been brewing in my heart for almost a year. When the world is in low-income and light-colored It does take a little courage to do the opposite. I want to try this color system. In addition to those vintages that used to be big names, It’s only Vitatha. __Instead of being led by the trend, we want to design a single item after many seasons.__ Purple, I think most people are not too afraid to try, I feel that if I miss a hand, it will become old. It is the color that only people with special temperament can hold. In order to break this "all-in-one taboo", it is not difficult for everyone to define a purple tone and wear a purple tone. I rummaged through the Panton color card and tried to dye the different purple tones against the upper body. Reconciled with a little magenta and blue tones in the purple tone. Finally, I finally decided that this one is almost yellow-skinned and black-skinned. When you receive it, you will find it difficult, and the upper body will look more and more delicious. It won't be old, and it has a retro tonality and a unique high beauty. About fabrics and dyeing and spinning: This is a color that is not available in the entire fabric market, and the number of large-scale material suppliers is very high. But for the desire of my heart, I decided to make a breakthrough. The materials that have been supplied to the big brands for many years, the fabrics are all solid ingredients, and we have also done regular fabric testing. In the summer, we started to customize fabrics. From proofing to the shipment of fabrics, it took more than two months. The dyeing of the general fabrics is all prepared with the original color of the fabric, and the ready-made fabric is taken to dye and weave after the order is placed. This speed is fast, but it is not so good in color and fastness. And we chose to dye the spinning, which is to dye the wool yarn and then weave it into a cloth. The process is more and takes longer, but the effect of the fabric is still very touching. (red) When the fabric was inspected, the light reflected from the fabric in the warehouse was dizzy. . . The buttons are rolled, especially good-looking. There is a little cracked texture on the top, and the gray tone is purple, which is very beautiful. About craft Coats are all foreign trade factories that specialize in the production of exports. They are sewn by workers with many years of experience. They have more professional slitting machines, skilled manuals, and professional ironing. Careful to each process, in order to enlarge the overall shape of the coat and the beauty of this color.!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods China / handmade