Cutie Bella Children's Anti-Kicking Sleeping Bag - Four Seasons - FairyAngel Little Fairy 0-3

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The soft touch of soft and colorful anti-kick is the best helper to sleep your baby in the sleeping bag for a good night's sleep.


Cutie Bella

Cutie Bella Children's Anti-Kicking Sleeping Bag - Four Seasons - FairyAngel Little Fairy 0-3

商品説明 Table cloth: 100% combed cotton lining skin 100% polyester quilted: polyester fiber Our anti-kick sleeping bag is a must-have item that keeps your baby warm and sleeps with your parents. Novice parents can not only sleep without worry, but also fear that the baby loves to be kicked. The surface is made of combed cotton (latitude and longitude 176*33 40 yarns). There are cute patterns to choose from. The inner soft and soft polyester fiber has high heat retention and also provides quilted thickening style depending on the season. Can choose and adjust according to room temperature and baby's body temperature Because our sleeping bag is designed to allow the baby's head to freely extend out of the cuffs and shoulders and necks. In the case of infancy, the free movement of the hands and feet is free and unconstrained. The traditional bedding may slip into the inside due to the baby's activity. If you cover the general quilt or blanket, there will be a risk of affecting the respiratory tract. The traditional sleeping bag covers the baby's feet in a closed sleeping bag. The baby is angry because he is unable to breathe when he is unable to stretch or overheat. Then as the baby grows up, there is a risk of slipping and falling when walking. Our sleeping bag is designed to be opened below and will be gone. It can also continue to give the lively and motivated baby a long, tall baby who enjoys the warmth and freedom of movement as a vest. The design of the sleeping bag is that the snap can be turned on or partially opened, not only the diaper change, but also does not affect the baby's sleep quality and warmth. The shoulder buckle and side buckle of the sleeping bag are the design of the front and rear panels. When the baby grows up, it can be disassembled into a small quilt as a stroller blanket or a tummy. Therefore, the time you use to buy this sleeping bag will be long and economical and affordable. From the middle to the primary school (can be worn as a vest), it will not be used for a short period of time. When the weather is cold, you can add a quilt. Even if you turn your baby over, you can also kick the quilt. You can also prevent it from being kicked. This adult and child can take care of the quality of sleep. Sleeping in the night.


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