DUNIA handmade /LOOPS loop / asymmetric cloth earrings - tassel

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The traditional Thai cotton shawl pha (pha-khao-maa) made a lotus-like circle, because the production time, betting mood and inspiration are different, the final product is therefore different in style, left and right asymmetry! The deputy is the only appe


DUNIA handmade /LOOPS loop / asymmetric cloth earrings - tassel


Spring - tinted The near-contrast pink lake blue + steady ginger looks ahead to the new face of the new season. Ginger yellow fabric is a soft double yarn. Its color always gives me a sense of healing. The effect of turmeric is like this. It looks very energetic! Everything removed from cotton shawl One line segment, because of the difference in color and winding angle, makes the circle on each pair of earrings a color that cannot be copied. The earrings on the earrings are decorated with bronze bells from the Akha (Akha), rice shells from the Karen (Karen Taiwan is often called the long neck), and the old glass beads. Infused with the materials of various ethnic groups in Thailand * Try the ear clips as a demonstration in the try-on photo. Please choose your favorite ear pin at the time of purchase. Aqua x Turmeric Fabric from Thai plaid wraps/ scarf (pha-khao-maa) , traditionally use by men, tided on waist, now turning to lotus leaves like mini circles ~ size: Length Length: 3 cm Width Width: 3 cm Material: Thai cotton, Taibei ancient bell, Taiwan stainless steel anti-allergic ear /Things to know before you purchase Please read before buying / *I am currently long stay in Thailand, all item will be ship by air parcel from Thailand post office. Your items will be shipped by Taiwan Post office when I back to Taiwan. The designer is currently living in Thailand and all items will be shipped by air via Thai Post. If you return to Taiwan, it will be sent by Taiwan Post Office and Super Merchant. * Some fabrics or materials taken from vintage clothing will be marked in the page, all with good condition, but if you have any concern, please do not purchase. Some of the fabrics are taken from second-hand clothes or ancient cloths that are printed with beautiful totems and are in good condition. They will be marked on the product page. If you have any doubts about environmentally friendly re-products, please do not buy. *Hand stitched items may not as perfect as machine made Hand-stitched objects may not be as neat as machine-stitched products, perfectionists please think twice *Color may be different due to different monitor, my apology if the color of your item looks a little bit different as you expect. The photos have been rendered as color as possible, and the color displayed on each computer and mobile phone screen is slightly different. If you receive the color difference, please bear with me. *Hand dyed fabric will be lighter after washing, please wash separately in case of fading color After the hand-dyed cloth is cleaned, the color will gradually become lighter. This is a normal phenomenon of general hand-dyed cloth. To avoid dyeing, please wash it separately.


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