[JE Hand Made] Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Ring Starfish

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Big and small starfish overlapping The convex and concave design represents the love of male and female starfish Also talk about inseparable love



[JE Hand Made] Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Ring Starfish


SIZE: Please inform the ring size or finger diameter. Inner diameter: Use the existing ring to draw the inner circle on paper, and then measure the diameter of the circle with a ruler. Inner perimeter: Measure directly around the fingers with a soft tape measure. International ring around # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 # 10 # 11 # 12 # 13 # 14 # 15 Inner diameter (cm) 1.4 1.45 1.5 1.55 1.6 1.65 1.7 1.75 1.8 1.85 Circumference (cm) 4.4 4.56 4.71 4.87 5.03 5.18 5.34 5.5 5.65 5.81 Quality: 925 silver Product Bonus: Silver wipes and sealed bags ★★ About the maintenance of 925 sterling silver jewelry ~ ★★ 1. When not wearing, please put it in the zipper bag provided with you, preferably in a closed storage box. In order to reduce the chance of contact with the air, avoid the silver oxidized to turn black or yellow due to the exposure to the air. 2. The blackening of silver jewelry is a normal natural phenomenon. Because human sweat also contains sulfur, When there is a toxin deposited in the body, or when it encounters chemicals, the silver jewelry will suddenly turn black. Therefore, after wearing, wipe it with a soft cloth before receiving the sealed zipper bag. Regular maintenance is also the only way to make silver jewelry lasting. 3. The hot spring must be removed, or the sulfur content in the hot spring will blacken the silver jewelry. 4. Silver jewelry should also avoid prolonged contact with seawater and perfume to avoid oxidation. Dirt such as bathing, soap & bath detergent can easily get stuck on it, making the silver jewelry dark and dark. 5. Do not use silver washing water, just after washing ~ briefly bright white, just like a flash in the pan, Its chemical composition will corrode silver jewelry, and accelerate the oxidation of silver jewelry to black. 6. Tips for maintaining silver jewelry: Dip toothpaste in a cloth or soft brush & lightly wash, Rinse with water, blow dry with a hairdryer, and the silver jewelry will be as white as new. 8. Tips for environmental protection and cleanliness of silverware: Use kitchen foil + saline, Soak the silver jewelry in it for a while, and it won't need to brush too much in small places. It's environmentally friendly and convenient. 9. Silver cloth: It is your best helper for maintaining silver jewelry. It wipes the black marks left on the silver cloth. It is normal. Please do not wash with water or anything. When not in use, please put it in the bag provided with you. Small pieces can be reused for a long time.


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