Madagascar sweet powder crystal pearl earrings temperament sweet recruitment good people 14K Valentine's Day Chinese New Year

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Made with real gold sterling silver material imported from the United States, with a translucent water quality high quality semi-precious stone, free maintenance for life.


Madagascar sweet powder crystal pearl earrings temperament sweet recruitment good people 14K Valentine's Day Chinese New Year


✧Commodity description Used the finest Madagascar powder crystal Has a beautiful pure pink, no artificial color Match the egg-shaped super bright natural pearl Overall feeling extravagant and sweet Very suitable for important occasions:) ✧Use material Pink crystal / about 0.7cm Natural freshwater pearl / about 0.4-0.6cm US imports 14k gf accessories Gemstone file Powder crystal The crystal exudes a gentle and appealing pink glow Can help improve interpersonal relationships and promote relationships and business relationships Is the best tool to open the door to do business And can enhance the pink light in the gas field Pink is the color of love that Venus shows love, which can increase the heterosexuality Peach blossoms, is the best stone of love Gentle gentle woman Energy triggers potential charm, triggers beautiful and lovely personality, softens character, and attracts good karma Origin Brazil, South Dakota, USA, Colorado, Madagascar Hard texture, avoid exposure to the sun ✧ routine maintenance Wipe sweat and sebum with a soft cloth or cotton pad after wearing. Properly housed in a zipper bag to block air and prevent oxidation Fine-chain products should always be bathed Wash away the sweat and sebum from the jewelry ✧Notes Web photos are taken in macro, please pay attention to the size of the gemstone Natural stone has fine black spots / ice cracks / clouds / mines / asymmetry and other natural details Avoid wearing jewelry in hot springs and swimming pools Avoid pulling or colliding with gems, which may break or break When using a gold cloth, please wipe gently to avoid breakage. When you find that the color of the jewelry is dark, please clean and maintain it as soon as possible. Before the goods are sent out, they will be degaussed in the moonlight next night. ✧ About maintenance We support environmental protection and reuse it to protect the earth. All products sold have lifetime indefinite guarantee maintenance services Partial replacement of precious materials (14K & 925 sterling silver) Elastic bracelet rope class updates are completely free Please send us a photo of the product you want to update or damage. ✧Commodity packaging Excluding the number of items, a piece of "sweet gold/silver" cloth is included with the goods. Avoid unnecessary waste and excessive packaging The goods in the library are sent in simple packaging, please agree to buy again. The paper is mainly made of recycled paper/buffered foam containing corn starch Confirm that the goods are safely delivered to your hands If there is a gift request, please write a message such as "gift" in the remark after the subscript. We will arrange some details for the packaging of the goods. ※Please do not specify the packaging to have paper bag paper box or designated color wrapping paper, etc. Taiwan handmade


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