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    - No water, no heating, the most natural way to spread incense. - Run for 2 minutes and stop for 1 minute. Automatically
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    |"Nobilé" is a noble, noble meaning. |

    In the early days, the aroma diffuser was a luxurious diffuser used by wealthy royals such as the royal family. Nobilé designed the appearance of the nobles as elegant, concise and round shapes with the colorful LED lights according to the preferences of European royal aristocrats. The spread of incense can also enjoy the changes of light and shadow. Today, the spread incense instrument is no longer a patent of “nobility”. Simple and elegant lines, perfectly integrated into the modern home style, equipped with seven colorful LED lights, in addition to the spread of incense, can be used for night light, embellishment romantic atmosphere.

    | Product Features |
    - No water, no heating, the most natural way to spread incense.
    - Run for 2 minutes and stop for 1 minute. Automatically shut down for 2 hours. Effectively save essential oils.
    - The rotary switch can adjust the intensity of the incense.
    - Ultra-low power consumption, approximately 250 hours of use.
    - Built-in colorful LED lights can be used as a night light.
    - The original factory provides a three-year warranty.

    | Characteristics of spread incense instrument |
    The aroma diffuser utilizes the White Nuori theorem to suck the essential oil with a vacuum force generated by the air flow, and spray it on the inner wall of the aroma diffuser. After the essential oil hits the wall surface, it is atomized into small molecules. The smaller oil molecules will pass through the narrow air flow. The air port drifts into the air, and the larger essential oil molecules are placed down and flow back to the bottom of the aroma analyzer to form a loop. Because it has not been heated, the essential oil components are not damaged, and they can be completely absorbed by the body in the most original state. The whole process of aromatherapy does not require water, and the interior can be kept dry, thus constituting no water, no heating, and the most natural expansion. Fragrant way, but safe to use, lasting fragrance.

    | Essential Oil Usage Notes |
    ◎ Do not use essential oils that contain massage oils, such as jojoba oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, etc.
    ◎ Please avoid using woody essential oils with higher consistency, such as sandalwood, benzoin, etc., or perform general cleaning immediately after use to prevent nozzle clogging.
    ◎ Please use pure natural plant oils. Do not use fragrances that contain perfumes, flammable solvents, synthetic fragrances, or oils containing impurities or solids to avoid malfunctions and dangers.
    ◎ Please add the appropriate amount of essential oil according to the frequency of use. Do not add too much essential oil at one time. Long-term contact between the essential oil and air will cause oxidation or thickening of the essential oil to cause the nozzle to become blocked. The recommended dosage is 20 drops at a time, and approximately 2 can be used. Hours or so.

    |Aromatherapy instrument use note |
    ◎Use pure plant oil.
    ◎ Do not exceed the nozzle height when dripping essential oil.
    ◎ The machine must be placed in a stable and safe place during operation.
    ◎ Be careful to prevent the essential oils from sticking to the base so as to avoid failure or surface corrosion.
    ◎ Do not disassemble or modify this product by yourself. Do not move the body during use.
    ◎ If it is not used for a long period of time, please clean it thoroughly and keep it dry until it is properly stored.
    ◎ Please clean regularly according to the cleaning method shown in the manual. The obstruction of the air outlet may result in malfunction.
    ◎ This product is only applicable to transformers provided by the original manufacturer. Using other transformers may cause damage to the machine body.
    ◎ To avoid continuous use for a long time, please turn off the power for at least 60 minutes before using every 120 minutes to prevent the motor from being overheated and damaged (this product has a 120-minute automatic shutdown setting).
    ◎ Do not place in the sun, near the heater or near the fire source, etc., at extremely high temperatures or air-conditioner vents, mats, quilts, or sloping places, etc., at unsettled locations or high places to avoid causing malfunctions, abnormal operations, or damaging the surrounding environment. And the mainframe is damaged.

    |What is the difference between aroma diffuser and traditional diffuser?|
    Traditional aromatherapy appliances can be roughly divided into the following types:
    Water machine
    The hydro-oxygenation machine is the most common diffuser in China. The principle of operation is to atomize water molecules with ultrasonic vibrations to allow the essential oil to flow out with the atomized water molecules. As the visual effect of the water oxygen machine is eye-catching, and at the same time it is equipped with the function of diffusing incense, it is quite popular among the people. However, the water-oxygen machine is not designed for the diffusion of essential oils. Its function is more focused on indoor humidification; due to the relatively dry climate in Europe and the United States Several indoor humidifiers are equipped with a balanced air humidity. Therefore, an aerator with both aroma and humidifying functions is suitable. However, Taiwan is a humid climate, unless it is used in a cold room. Make the original damp room more humid, on the other hand, because the oil is lighter than water, and the two do not mix, the essential oil suspended in the water will be consumed soon, resulting in a shorter time and concentration of water oxygen machine low.

    2 ignition incense
    The most dangerous and unhealthy aromatherapy method is that the solution filled with this kind of ignited aromatherapy bottle is not at all "essential oil essential oil." At best, it can only be considered "fragrance." More than 90% of its components are flammable chemical compounds. The chemical flavors are diffused and diffused through high temperatures. However, the gasified flavors are not only of no benefit to the human body but may cause dizziness, vomiting, and the like. There are many examples of such products that have caused tragedies due to improper use in Taiwan. Regardless of the attribution of responsibility, the product itself is highly dangerous. The author himself has suffered from it and he advises you not to use such incense sticks.

    3. Candlestick
    The essential oil is dropped into a candle holder that holds water, and is heated from the inside with a candlelight. The use of high temperature causes the fragrance of the essential oil to diffuse. This method is much safer than ignited incense, but the burning of candlelight and the high temperature (even boiling) of water still have Potentially dangerous, and prolonged high temperatures can destroy the composition of certain essential oils.

    4. Electronic heating incense
    The popular aromatherapy method works in the same way as aromatherapy candlesticks, except that the heating method replaces the candle flame with a heating plate, which is safer to use, and some models can control the temperature. The disadvantages are limited scope of spread, diffusion Slower.

    |Product Specifications|
    Voltage Range: 100~240, Current: 200mA, Wattage: 2.4W
    Color: natural wood
    Origin: Taiwan Design / Manufacturing
    Material: Base The environmentally-friendly rubber wood/glass made from recycled forest uses Pyrex® boride glass, which contains no lead and is the most stable essential oil container for essential oils.
    Applicable space: Standard type spread incense instrument, suitable for bedroom / living room / entrance and other large and medium-sized space, spread incense range of about 8-12 pings.

    | Manufacturing Process Production|
    Each of the aroma diffusers was molded from wooden bases and fired from glass to internal assembly tubes, all of which were produced in Taiwan.
    Aroma diffuser base manufacturing process:

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Nobilé Noble Aroma Digester <Limited 25% Off>

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