BUHO hand. Condensation. Vineyx South American Brazilian wax bracelet

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BUHO hand. Condensation. Vineyx South American Brazilian wax bracelet


★ ★ condensation ★ ★
Vineyx South American Brazilian wax bracelet

Clear and no impurities of the ice kind of grape, moist texture and light green color, as if the leaves on the condensation of a drop of dew.

◇ gem little knowledge:
Grape is a gentle healing stone that can help the body detox, bring healthy and positive vibration frequency, people back to the balance of relaxation. Light green grape corresponds to the heart wheel, can heal the emotions, and soften the stubborn and rigid ideas, so that consciousness to restore flexibility, calm and harmonious life.

◇ Material: ice grape / white crystal / brass / South American Brazil wax line
◇ Size: grape stone size of about 14x16mm / hand 13 ~ 21cm, free to adjust.

◆ About natural stone
Each natural stone is the earth's baby, after thousands of years and the formation of a special healing energy. BUHO every stone is a natural crystal ore, different textures, clouds, ice cracks and small mineral deficiencies, the formation of this unique appearance of the world, which is the charm of natural stone.

◆ South American wax line features
We choose the best wax line from Brazil, the best quality of the wax line, qualified by the European Union, the composition does not contain heavy metals, will not cause allergies, and because the surface wax, good water resistance, long wear will not produce odor. Newly woven jewelry will be more stiff, with the wear time increases, will be more and more soft, the color will be more bright.

◆ natural stone package of small note:
The use of wax line package, we will be as far as possible to wrap the natural stone wrap, but wearing a long time, the wax line will be slightly microstretched, is a normal phenomenon, in normal wear conditions, natural stone will not fall off. But forced to pull wire and natural stone, or jewelry will be soaked in a long time in the water, these acts will lead to natural stone easy to fall, and cause damage to jewelry, please pay special attention to Oh!
When you are not wearing it, it is recommended that the jewelry be cleaned and stored (for example, in a folder). This will isolate the water vapor and extend the life of the baby.

◆ maintenance and precautions
◇ wax line cleaning:
If dirty, you can toothbrush stained with water or a little soap gently scrub.

◇ metal (copper / silver) maintenance:
Copper / silver parts will be with the human body contact and the impact of the environment and oxidation, color becomes deep is a normal phenomenon.
Avoid hot springs and wear when swimming.
Do not wear when stored in a sealed folder bag.
You can use wiping silver cloth to wipe, or to a little toothbrush dipped in toothpaste (or citric acid) gently scrub, dry after you can restore the original bright luster.

◇ natural stone purification:
Because of the different characteristics of each natural stone texture, it is recommended to smoky way purification, it will not damage the baby.

Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan / handmade


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