Natural mystery fruit (taste modification function) 100% organic production


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    The mysterious fruit originates from West Africa and is rich in natural nutrients such as the incredible glycoprotein en
  • If you are interested in novel science, you must try it yourself!!
    Glycoproteins are not resistant to high temperatures. When heated above 100 °C, mysterious fruit proteins lose their taste-modifying properties.

    The mysterious fruit is called "miracle fruit" in foreign countries. It can be eaten whole, can make sour food sweet and beautiful, is 100% natural food, and is considered as a harmless food additive in Japan. In Europe and the United States, many foodies use him to make novel creative cuisines, food sciences for health and medical purposes (because mysterious fruit can trick your taste buds into thinking that very low-calorie foods are actually sweet desserts).

    (Source: Guangshan Gardening)

    How to eat:
    First, put the whole piece in the mouth, gently bite the peel, like eating longan, slowly chew, let the juice penetrate into the taste buds of the tongue and the cells in the inner wall of the mouth, and then spit out the seeds after eating the flesh. The magical effect immediately after eating, it can transform the sour fruit (such as lemon, kumquat, tomato and sour fruit) into sweet fruit, eating lemon is like eating Liuding, this very special and mysterious The effect lasts about 1 hour (mystic fructose protein is not resistant to high temperatures: just want to restore the taste, just drink a hot water!)

    Fruit and vinegar
    Fruit vinegar, lemon, sour plum, strawberry, kumquat, kiwi, grapefruit, etc. After eating the mysterious fruit, eating these, you will feel sweet.

    2. Wine
    Mysterious fruit can break down alcohol, change the taste of beer, and turn the sour wine into a delicious. However, the mysterious fruit can only decompose the alcohol in the mouth, but the alcohol in the body is not broken down. Therefore, for the health of your body, please drink alcohol in moderation, and do not drive after drinking!

    3. Diabetic patients
    The mysterious fruit is completely free of sugar and can be eaten by diabetics.

    Product specifications:
    ► 100% organic production (without any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful substances) does not contain fat
    ► Capacity: 0.5g per serving (with 10 sachets), one pack in a single package
    ► Origin: Taiwan
    ► Storage method: Please keep it in a dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

    Edible advice:
    Fresh and mysterious fruit is preserved and dehydrated by advanced freezing technology, so that the mysterious fruit still retains the odor-changing effect of fresh fruit and has a long-lasting taste period, which is convenient for consumers to carry and preserve; while eating, do not bite the fruit seed and avoid Bitter taste affects the taste.

    ► The effect lasts from 15 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the person)
    ► Mysterious fructose protein is not resistant to high temperatures: just want to restore the taste, just drink a hot water!
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Natural mystery fruit (taste modification function) 100% organic production

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