375cc [girl portrait custom-made cup double insulated cup double hand forest] is not hot mug King

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375cc [girl portrait custom-made cup double insulated cup double hand forest] is not hot mug King


[Please see me - Customized Portrait IMPORTANT] (1) Photos: Please provide an "I like" photos, photos with himself if there is a gap (heavy makeup / Self-angle / grimace), Portrait of the draft is to draw pictures according to similarity, please carefully choose the photo. (2-1) Style: ● Realistic version - a photograph to draw lines emphasize facial features, close to the reality. ● comics - belong to a higher cartoon fun, face features will become lovely, like a real person. ● Lite - fixed facial features and hair and photographs accessories (glasses / earrings / hemorrhoids / beard, etc.), unlike the real person. (2-2) Image rights: Designers few selected works will be professional photography, disclosed in MSA shelves brand promotion, thank you for your support so that more people can enjoy the wonderful art glass sculpture. (If you disagree, please indicate in the order, designers absolutely respect your privacy wishes) (3) after the completion of payment to provide a draft, can be adjusted to modify, change photos to redraw the provisional unsubscribe will generate royalties. (4) the need to draw a portrait of the lines can be hand-carved glass, non-laser printing machine sandblasting. (5) After confirming the draft starting 14 working days to complete the work (excluding 6) later. (6) Be sure to communicate urgent, specify in advance to confirm the date of receipt is OK, plus purchase courier service. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5886a8069f9a4f388800329b/xlarge.jpg?1485219845 Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING designer hand-carved Material: glass hand / hand-blown borosilicate glass Heat: instantaneous temperature difference -20 ℃ to 150 ℃, expansion coefficient 3.3 Size: cup diameter 9cm x high 10.5cm / 375cc Customized range: a text (Special customized according to the complexity of the additional offer, welcome to provide custom drawing) Note: handmade blown glass, there are slight differences in size and shape weight thickness of the cup on the bottom part of a unique stretch marks have small bubbles and cup double as process nodes, etc. need is a normal phenomenon, please pay attention to these instructions before ordering Features or customer service consulting, to avoid small misunderstanding or dispute Special Reminder cup double 1, artificial blown glassware there are individual tiny bubbles, flow line marks and hand marks and other phenomena of non-defective! 2, the same style of small differences in the prevalence of product roundness, height, curvature and other phenomena is reasonable, because this is purely manual process period. This point is also a key difference between hand blown and mechanisms product! 3, hand blown glass than the value of the automatic production line vessels generally higher than 8-10 times. Obtained under reasonable control of the premise of the artificial production of blown articles having unique special value. 4, due to the double-layer design, bottom of the cup to leave holes, non-defective items, and this vent sealed with special materials, ensure that no water in the double (not long immersion in water) due to the double bottom of the cup viscose point, the normal process marks, blemishes or non-quality problems, use should pay attention to the protection of this point. 5, using the wash wash is recommended, do not soak in water for a long time the bottom of the cup, in order to avoid double water or steam. 6, do not scrub the washing holes penetrate this point in order to avoid damage, water or steam in view of the above tips, double water all during use caused can not be returned any responsibility. After making a purchase, please understand. Origin / manufacturing methods MSA GLASS ENGRAVING


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