P & I handmade sterling silver jewelry # classic wild cross - <cloud cracks glory> small section S

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P &amp; I handmade sterling silver jewelry # classic wild cross - &lt;cloud cracks glory&gt; small section S


Poetry & Iris Poetry Collection silverware * Title: cloud cracks glory (S) Saints like never pregnant as determined Like gamblers hope that never pregnant About Poetry & Iris brand design "**Literary beauty and imagination beauty**" We hope that each one works, in addition to the United States, more content of some literature, poetry, or philosophy. Imagine the United States in particular. Imagine the value of the United States, in fact, much higher than all the world the image of the United States. "**Sculptural beauty and rotate the United States**" Poetry & Iris never did 2D design because it's too easy. If jewelry is not the front, back, side are the United States, that's a pity. If jewelry is not on the palm, like a 360-degree rotation, like sculpture, that would be too boring. Therefore, Poetry & Iris only ─── presented in the rotation more aesthetic design, As the rotating Swan Lake dancers. "**US-back design**" We deeply regret that most of the silver necklaces are worn on one side only. But in Poetry & Iris, we are thrown into the wastebasket most often this is the only positive beauty, but ugly on the back of the design. Therefore, we require strict self ─── Poetry & Iris all products, the back and front must be equally perfect. Woman's back, sometimes even more beautiful. The following diagram on the back of the photo for this work http://www.poetryniris.com/upload/201604061326062.jpg "**One more necklace more ten kinds of beauty**" Woman's wardrobe is always less a piece of clothing, Similarly, a woman will never feel a little shorter or longer necklace. In order to fill this deficiency, Poetry & Iris designed pendant will not increase to attach two different lengths of necklaces, so you want. "**Solid sense of thick silver**" Poetry & Iris All products are making solid, we do not hollow or thin subtractive design. We want to express, is a worn on the chest or on the palm, Can Ganjuededao thick sense ─── as love. "**Like moonlight easy to wipe**" Poetry & Iris silver in the design, maintenance has been put into consideration, Try hard to avoid some silver polishing cloth to wipe the dead. Therefore, Poetry & Iris silver, compared with others, particularly easy to maintain. ─── like moist silver moonlight, just gently wipe. "**Original Final IS Our original beauty**" Poetry & Iris emphasis on originality. We believe that is changing the world is in our hands only creative mouse, Not those East West copy copy copy copy of copycats. http://www.poetryniris.com/upload/images/%E8%A9%A9%E5%93%81%E5%8C%85%E8%A3%9D-2(%E7%84%A1%E5%AD%97).jpg The figure only (goods are not as described in the product box this page) Poetry & Iris jewelry box schematic http://www.poetryniris.com/upload/images/%E8%A9%A9%E5%93%81%E5%8C%85%E8%A3%9D-1(%E7%84%A1%E5%AD%97).jpg The figure is exquisite bag (left), and high-quality silver polishing cloth (front, right) Product details . Pendant dimensions: length 32mm × width 18mm . Finish: Poetry fog (handmade atomized, so silver show a more meticulous soft light) . Bonus duplexes: Italian sterling silver 16 "and 18" double-stranded design. . Ray engraved brand recognized text: Poetry & Iris 925, demanding surface mine fine words engraved. . Bonus silver polishing cloth: comes with high-quality cotton cloth made of a silver polishing (12cm × 12cm) . Jewelry box: high quality velvet jewelry boxes, containing a name and story warranty card. Origin / manufacturing methods Pendant: Taiwan's original design / Taiwan metalwork master hand


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