[One Corner Chopstick Set]-Tannin

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Corner cutlery set: attached with bamboo cutlery, easy to carry!


[One Corner Chopstick Set]-Tannin


[Style design concept] 365 days a year, how many days are there alone ?! Gathering together ?! How many busy days, no matter what time, any place, remember to remember those people around you, come to the dinner! Because you are indispensable at every dinner time The "one-corner" tableware set uses "reunion" as the design concept. The boxy square towels are slowly rolled up and rolled up one step at a time, tie the relationship between each other, and simply take the door out for a happy dinner together. Deeply connected emotions [Package method] The prismatic cutlery set is folded down from the top corner (missing corner), then folded from left to right, rolled up from the left to the right, and finally tied up with a strap. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4605/40548538111_8c561f1e93_b.jpg [Design element] Reunion 2. dinner 3. Indispensable 4. Environmental protection 5. Good life [Size and specifications] Chopstick cover: 23 * 23 cm square rhombus (Because it is made by hand, the size will have a slight error of about ± 1cm) Bamboo tableware: 20cm Chopsticks 25cm Fork 20cm [Material selection] cotton [Inner Form and Function] 1. It is simple and convenient by manual wrapping. 2. There are three places on the inner layer. In addition to the included tableware, other tableware can be placed at will. 3. There are three places on the inner layer, in addition to the included tableware, it can also be used as stationery storage. [Washing items and maintenance recommendations] 1. Choose between hand wash and machine wash. For machine washing, it is recommended to put it in a laundry bag before putting it in for cleaning. 2. The maximum water temperature does not exceed 30 ° C. Hand wash with small force to avoid intense rubbing and pulling. 3. Do not use chlorine-based bleaching agent and bleaching detergent with fluorescent whitening agent. 4. Cotton canvas material can be ironed to 120 degrees. 5. The cotton canvases used are dyed fabrics, and the discoloration in the first few cleanings is normal. 6. Please hang it in the shade without sunlight. 7. Do not dry. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Manual ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 【Order Process】 Order> Pay (We will receive shipping notice)> Shipping> Pick up If the same day checkout time has passed the shipping time, it will be shipped the next day. [Shipping matters] (1) Shipping date: Every Monday to Friday (Sixth day is warehouse management, so no shipment.) 10:00 am-3:00pm (II) Logistics time: ● 7-11: arrive within 2 days of sending ● Family: arrive within 2 days of delivery ● Post office: Taiwan─Shipping arrives in about 3 days Overseas areas-about 5-7 days or more, additional working days due to distance ○ Note: The post office will not be shipped on the 6th (Three) shipping instructions: For urgent items and national holidays, please use 7-11, the whole family delivery service.


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