Wood Alloy Design / Handmade Log Card Holder / Wooden Card Case / Paraguay Rosewood

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Handmade exquisite log card case, gift or self-use is suitable!


Wood Alloy Design / Handmade Log Card Holder / Wooden Card Case / Paraguay Rosewood


{*Good things confident recommendation*} Very subtle is the feeling of holding it on the hand, the handmade products naturally reveal a confident professional It is a very sincere and beautiful start to introduce a professional exchange with a famous film box. With the spirit of hand-carved wood, paying attention to the importance of every detail, each handmade product is uniquely presented. {*The warm texture of the logs*} In the beauty of advocating nature, we choose the material that the original wood quality is designed for. In the selection of logs, the hardwood species of Central and South America are used as the elements to show the delicate changes of the works. The dense arrangement of wood and the color change of South American broad-leaved trees are incomparable to the coniferous trees of North America. Because wood is heavy and hard, it can improve durability, and it is often used in fine wood products, furniture, and musical instruments to make works more Good choice of value .................................................................................... Instructions for use: * This product can hold 10-15 business cards (the number of papers that can be placed is different depending on the number of papers used by each person) Size: 6.6cm X 10cm X thickness 1cm Material: Paraguay rosewood, red sandalwood (will give off a pleasant aroma) Packing: carton packaging Wood species Paraguay rosewood It is a good antibacterial material. The wood itself has a very fine texture. It is a tree with high durability and stability. The dense cell structure of the wood has natural repression against insect termites. It also has high quality corrosion resistance and hard texture. Heavy, the color of the heartwood changes from the outer yellow olive brown to the deeper black brown, the wood color changes, sometimes there are brown and black and brown texture, the overall appearance of a detailed oil appearance. Red sandalwood (will give off a pleasant aroma) It is a large tree, up to 40-50 meters high, with smooth bark and dark brown, light bark of internal bark, and a fruit legume. The heartwood is reddish brown. After the material is exposed to the air, it will gradually turn into deep red or deep purple. The texture of the wood grain is evenly contrasted with the light yellow color of the sapwood. The wood cut surface is peacock-screened with fine lines. Appropriate sandalwood smell, strong luster after polishing wood, fine and uniform texture interlaced structure, hard and heavy material, low shrinkage after drying, it is a very stable wood type. ................................................................................................ Please pay attention before buying: 1. The texture and color of each product wood grain are different. We will ship it randomly, which is subject to the actual arrival goods. 2. This product is made of natural wood. It has been tried with natural wood wax oil before shipment and can be used directly. 3. Because the wood is a natural material, the surface has a micro-crack texture and a small hole and a tree knot, which is naturally expressed in the texture of the wood. Maintenance methods and precautions 1. It can be wiped with wood wax oil. The maintenance time is about once a month to protect the wood grain gloss. 2. Natural wood products should be protected from direct sunlight or placed in a strongly changing environment. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan design / handmade


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