Horror jab poke music _ task card (k song party version - supplementary package) game / party / board games

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★ To be used with "Horror Poke Music _ Muti-Box Limited Edition" or "Multi Pack" stamp box.


Horror jab poke music _ task card (k song party version - supplementary package) game / party / board games


※feature of product※ ★ 30 terrorist mission, 6 reward task, 12 blank fill their own card. ★ different graphic design, can be used as a bookmark or collection. ★ with friends, family, singing, joy, leaving the most special memory. ★ classmates, office workers sing K song, the best fun game. ★ blank mission card, according to a special day or player characteristics free to fill in the task content. ※product description※ With family and friends together party, only singing, snatching songs, that ... cabaret? Mission Card Content Based on years of research and analysis, we plan and plan for everyone's singing, party, puzzle, performance and rewards. Of course, you can use the blank mission card, self-planning to fill your own exclusive tasks. ※Instructions for use※ 1 task card needs to be used with the pocketing box game. 2. Please tear open fold, randomly placed in the stamp grid (Reminder: After the two-way mission content inward). ※game instructions※ A tense, exciting and trustworthy mission game, as long as willing to participate in the game, will comply with the implementation of various tasks, poke all tasks must be done on their own, can not pick the hand of others, be sure to keep the credit, if not trustworthy, Will be crowned as "escape, shrink turtle" title. * If you are lucky stamp reward task, you can freely transfer others to use. * If you really do not want to stamp the implementation of the task, there are the following alternative penalty, so that the game can proceed smoothly. * Penalty Penalty: If the stamp to do not want to perform the task, you can pay the following amount to arrive. (Up to 2 times per person) Example: (office workers - each task to pay 500 yuan arrived.) (Students - pay 200 yuan for each assignment.) * Intimate reminder: the size of the size can be adjusted on their own definition, but suggested that the penalty as possible, in order to encourage the implementation of the task-based) ※ Product Specifications ※ ◆ age: as long as you like to sing with friends and family happy students, office workers are applicable. ◆ Contents: Mission paper card ◆ Size: 297mm * 210mm ◆ Weight: a set of four / 110g ◆ recommended price: 240 yuan * Reminder: This game only provides fun recreation, instructions for any game task, the player can not endanger others, any dangerous and illegal activities, the company and this site will not be responsible for any legal responsibility, the player discretion game execution.


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