Rolled leather environmental protection bag 2 seamless bag version hand-sewn leather sewing small and easy to store green

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This leather beverage bag is designed for the previous improvement. The difference between the rolled beverage bag 2 is that the two stitches at the mouth and bottom of the bag are eliminated, reducing the cost and selling price. AirPlus wants to buy it with a lower amount. My friend, the leather and design are the same as the previous paragraph.



Rolled leather environmental protection bag 2 seamless bag version hand-sewn leather sewing small and easy to store green


The first beverage bag we launched has undergone several modifications, tests, and various considerations during use. Although the launch time is slightly later, we are confident that this beverage bag should be the current market. The most texture, the most durable, the most convenient, the most value, the most eye-catching drink bag. The currently available colors, there will be errors due to different display colors, for reference only. Use step diagram ~~~~~~ The difference between this leather environmental protection cup cover and the other one is the seam of the bag mouth and the bottom of the bag. This model is to reduce the cost and price, so these two seams are omitted. If you want to keep the seam, please go to Shop with stitches! The vegetable tanned leather is hydrophilic leather, so it can be washed with water. After washing, please dry it in a ventilated place (do not expose it directly to the sun or stuff it in the bag). If the bag is stained with beverages or Juice and the like must be cleaned, because no matter what material is not cleaned, it will definitely smell! Vegetable tanned leather is tanned with vegetable tanning method, so the leather contains only natural plant ingredients, so the leather does not contain chemical ingredients harmful to the human body, and is a natural green product. This product is made of imported Italian vegetable tanned cowhide. Plant dyeing may have a very probable phenomenon of color fading in the early stage of use, and there will also be color tone during the cleaning process. These are normal phenomena. This product is made of pure natural top layer cowhide. It is by no means a common two-layer or synthetic leather on the market, so there are some speckles, small scars, wrinkles on the surface of the leather, but we will try to avoid it during the production process. Open these parts, please rest assured. Each piece of natural leather will have a slight color difference, and sometimes the actual product and the color of the photo may be different. This is the characteristic of natural leather, which cannot be as consistent as the dyeing of synthetic leather. If you are very concerned, please purchase carefully. Yingchuan hand-created original products ~ Rolled leather beverage bag product features The clever use of the position of the storage cleat, plus the stiff material raw material as the lining, not only can be used as a clasp, but also can be used as a small handle, even if you put a cup cover, you should drink elegantly. After storage, the volume is small and compact, and it does not occupy space in the bag. You can also use the bag to hang on the bag handle or strap. Applicable cup type: Generally, the size of the large cup of the hand-drinking beverage shop is below the size, and the super large cup is not suitable (currently, the 50 large super cup will be stuck in the middle of the cup). Convenience Store Medium Cup, Large Cup Coffee Cup Bag body diameter about 8cm, height about 6cm Lifting width is about 1cm, length is about 40cm (including metal hook) The storage buckle can be buckled on the bag body storage straw when it is not in the storage state (general straw, thick straw is not applicable) The size of hand-made products may be slightly inaccurate! Free lettering Provide free imprint text service, English capital and lower case, numbers, the number of words is less than 10 words, please indicate the content of the printing in the remarks when ordering (Manually embossed text, occasionally there will be a slight skew is normal, hand-made this is inevitable, please forgive me!)


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