Increased purchase - custom lettering service (excluding merchandise fees)

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How long have you not given a special gift to a friend? ●Exclusive special gift Small eye workshops provide customized lettering services. Let your mind become a unique gift in the world, Xiaomu Workshop will work with you to make precious souvenirs. Give



Increased purchase - custom lettering service (excluding merchandise fees)


● Small-scale workshop provides customized lettering ● Exclusive and unique gifts, let you have the most unique and full of happiness To order this fare purchase service, please order with the products of the small studio (combining the same order) so that we know what you want to engrave on! ◎Other customized products do not provide pick-up payment service, please forgive me At present, the arrangement of lettering takes about three days (excluding six days). For those who have time limit for gift giving, please consider before placing an order. Please select the quantity ordered based on the number of items you want to engrave. For example: if you want to engrave on a mobile phone holder, please choose one in the price increase; if you want to engrave on five mobile phone holders, please choose five in the price increase (and so on). Please ask the workshop for the goods you need, whether it is suitable for lettering service. (At present, basically the mobile phone seat is applicable. If you need lettering on other products, please contact our designers for evaluation.) Description: 1. Currently providing laser engraving (engraving service) 2. The range of lettering for each item is different. You can use the "Contact Designer" to ask before the lettering. The Chinese text is recommended within five to seven words. The English letters suggest five to fifteen letters (more than the number of words, The font will be smaller and unclear. You can provide the text first for the designer to help you confirm! 3. Currently, the fonts are mainly in Chinese and English. We will help you to confirm whether the display is normal or not. You can engrave the drawings, but please provide the artwork before customization. Let us help you to confirm whether it can be made. And the valuation, the pattern part is based on the area. ※ In order to avoid infringement, please get authorization for copyright pictures first, thank you! 4. Currently, the following Chinese fonts and English fonts are limited to provide you with choices. Chinese font: (A) Microsoft Blackbody (B) Standard Body (C) New Depth English Fonts: (D) Arial (E) Time New Roman (F) Berkshire Swash (G) Playball Please use the "Contact Designer" function to provide the text content and font you want to engrave after ordering or ordering. Font size, kerning, location, etc. are adjusted by the designer. If there are other custom ideas, they can also be discussed with the designer. ● Remarks: If you want to engrave your friends, if you have any questions about lettering, Before placing an order, contact the designer to discuss the details of the lettering. tell us: (a) Font (b) Text content (c) Where do you want to engrave? Confirm that there is no problem and then place an order Directly booked friends, in order to ensure the correct content and fonts, we will re-confirm the content and font of the lettering within three days after placing your order. Please reply to our message and confirm your lettering. After the content, it will start to help you make the product. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan Original Design x Handmade


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