The seven deities of good fortune, blessing of wealth, red bag, money bag, passbook bag

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※※※ Because of the red envelope, each color may not be exactly the same as the photo! ※※※ Can't refer to the order, please buy carefully if you mind! !! ※ The red envelope is full of thousands of gifts during the New Year's Day. For details, please


The seven deities of good fortune, blessing of wealth, red bag, money bag, passbook bag


**New Year's spot red envelopes full of gifts** [Product Design Features] Let the trees have a good year "Environmental awareness" Don't cut the tree cloth red envelopes, they can be used 365 days a year! **New Year's Eve Packing New Year Money as a Red Bag**,**Hundred Years of Peace** **wealth for the New Year costume of the Temple of Wealth should be used as the mother package of wealth**,**fortunes every year**. * After the year, continue to put passbooks and seals as savings and financial packages**,**more than wealth **. **It can also be used as a glasses bag or mobile phone bag*. Special bronzing and wind patterns are selected, which is also beautiful and unobtrusive on weekdays ~ **Inside use silk thick satin cloth or poplin**, place banknote items smoothly without card jam. **Blessed and rich characters are hand-colored by flower rabbits**! **want to specify the deduction of Fu or wealth, please note in the order**,**No note will be shipped randomly**. **Each year's product is limited to 1 ~ 3 pieces**,**Please complete the payment within 3 days after placing the order**,**Elihuatu will handle the packaging and delivery matters** ※**have any questions or particular concerns**,**Please ask before you place your order**,**Do your order again** **order to avoid regret and abandon the order**,**cause unnecessary misunderstanding or trouble for both parties**~ [Material and washing] Hot stamping cloth, silk satin or poplin, snap button When it is dirty, immerse it in a neutral lotion solution, squeeze it gently, and then rinse it with water. Do not scrub and brush to avoid bronzing or silk damage. After washing, put it in a towel, squeeze and absorb moisture, and dry. 【size】 Flat amount: about 10 * 18cm (error about 1 ~ 2cm) [Handmade Flower Rabbit ♡ Original Intent and Little Ding 咛] 1.**Huatu Handmade**is a pure hand-made brand created in honor of the rabbit angel of the designer.**Passing of Love**is the original intention of Huatuo Handmade to start selling handmade works. 2.**At present, the sales revenue is used to feed and rescue the hometown waves with flower rabbits**,**would like to make the world a better place with the power of small bean sprouts**~ 3.**Pure hand knitting and sewing with one stitch and one thread**may have some imperfections.**best area for fabric cutting**,**drawing will be different**. 4.**each set different screen**, the solid product with the display screen,**may be slightly different color shades**. 5. handmade,**for color and workmanship requirements perfectionist**,**please think twice before buying**. 6.**order to protect the package from being pressed for a long time due to weekly breaks**,**Parcels will not be mailed on Friday**. 7.**Saturday and Sunday are the family day and the material purchase processing ordering day**,**not shipped**(except for special orders),**message will be returned when available**. 8.**Part-time workers will not receive super-urgent orders**. If there is a designated time limit for the delivery date, please confirm in a private message before placing the order. Do not directly specify the order. 9.**Not 24 hours online**, please contact me if you have any questions, wait patiently, Huatu will reply and deal with it as soon as possible!


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