Soft Rotten Planet A Sticker Pack

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This time the soft rot went to outer space! Into cute, round, rotten planets, Each rotten planet has its own characteristics.



Soft Rotten Planet A Sticker Pack


**Considering the cost of personnel and packaging, the design checkout amount of this design museum is less than 100 yuan (excluding shipping), and it will not be shipped.** 商品 商品 商品 Product Story │ ● About Soft Rotten Planet A Sticker Pack Deng Deng Deng! New products This time the soft rot went to outer space! Into cute, round, rotten planets, Each rotten planet has its own characteristics, Let the rotten ones heal your heart :) ● Size 6.5cm * 9cm (outer packaging), 4-6cm (sticker) + The error is within the normal range of ± 1! ● Material Waterproof bright film on transparent sticker + Is waterproof sticker ● contents 6 soft rotten planets and 2 clouds + packaging (can be used as a universal card!) ↑ Each sticker package is designed by me. Cut the outer package up and down, it is two cute and practical universal cards! (One for single-sided printing and one for double-sided printing) ● If you buy the soft rotten planet A and B sticker packs together, you will get a little planet self-cut paper! Soft Rotten Planet B Sticker Pack: ● Welcome to follow me on instagram: tzulechih ● Intimate reminder It is normal that the product photos and the actual product colors are slightly different! Stickers and packaging are cut by hand. The frame will be a little less perfect than the machine. Friends who don't mind buying again, thank you very much! ● Origin Taiwan, tailored by hand _ _ _ _ _ │ Online Ordering Instructions │ Please think twice before placing an order. Don't make impulse purchases, because I will be sad if the product is abandoned. No need to worry about pressing the wrong button, you can still modify it before you finally send the order. If you accidentally send it, you can cancel the whole order and reorder it before payment! ☛ Product shipping method Except for pick-up at convenience stores, the rest are sent by "Post Office Registration", Arrive within 1-2 working days. It will arrive in about 7-20 working days abroad. If urgent items need to be delivered by other methods and need to pay for freight, please inform and contact the designer first. Those who have not been notified are shipped in accordance with the design museum regulations ~ 如何 How do I know the processing progress after payment? ✔ After payment is completed for the order, you will receive a "Estimated Shipping Date" message, telling you when it will be sent, and let the customer know that I have seen the order, and the payment has been successfully completed! ✔ After the product is sent, a "Shipping Notice" will be sent again to indicate that your product has been sent. Remember to pay attention to the receipt! ✔ After receiving the product, please leave your unpacking text or comment on me: D ✔ I will know that the product has arrived in your hands safely and will give you customer evaluation again! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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