Top vegetable tanned leather linen weave six-card short clip

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This short clip is the slimmest clip style in the studio. Internal 6-card position, 2 ticket pockets, 1 banknote layer. The outer leather is linen weave, which is a very special and rare leather.


From One

Top vegetable tanned leather linen weave six-card short clip


* Vegetable tanned leather short clip: The top vegetable tanned leather is planted in Italy, with a solid leather, full color and a light leather scent. The leather surface will gradually deepen with use, and it will produce luster and become more beautiful. This work is made in two different series of vegetable tanned leathers: The outer linen woven leather is a special special leather for domestic use and is imported from Italy. Different from the general cross pattern, the feel of linen weave is quite delicate. And after use, it will gradually produce luster. Inside is the Pueblo collection from the Badalassi Carlo leather factory in the Tuscany region of Italy. The surface has a matte effect. But it is not suede, but the top layer of cowhide. When the surface sand is touched, it will gradually become fine and form a beautiful luster. * The vegetable tanned leather used in this product is the top vegetable tanned leather certified by the Italian Association. Both shipments are accompanied by a leather shipping certification card. *basic information: Size: width 11.5cmx height 9cmx thickness 1.5cm Exterior leather: linen weave series brown Internal leather: Badalassi Carlo Pueblo orange orange Leather origin: Italy Wire: Liuhua Line linen * Characteristics of natural leather: The works of the From One Design Museum are made of pure cowhide and handmade. But the cow's neck, back, and belly have cow lines or plaques, which are natural phenomena of pure cowhide. From One will try to avoid the appearance of the lines in the production, but still can not avoid some small lines, perfectionists, please be careful to consider. * Maintenance tips: From One carefully selected leather, the material is more natural, the leather is rich in activity, so the leather parts are often used to avoid the mildew of the leather, while giving the leather a luster. If not in use, try to avoid being placed in a damp environment and cover it with a dust jacket. In addition, the leather should try to avoid the leather stained with tea stains, ink, or other dyes, which will cause the stain to remain permanently. Most leather materials can be rubbed with leather maintenance oil (Japanese Mink Oil , oil, or other light-colored transparent maintenance oil); a small amount of water-based dye leather, the color will change after rubbing oil, will be included in the package with additional care instructions .


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