[Too lazy to cook or eat the pot] It's full of meat!

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A delicious pot worth enjoying with the family and a group of friends! Ma Ma's spicy soup, Nanyang Kory soup is addictive as soon as you eat it!


1600g x 1


[Too lazy to cook or eat the pot] It's full of meat!


* Ma Ma Spicy Soup Head (Sold Out) / Nanyang Kerry Soup Head * These two soups are amazing! Former executive chef of Taipei's high-grade hot pot And the Hong Kong chef A Youshi (Liu Youwen) who has served many restaurants and restaurants is uniquely deployed! Ma Ma good spicy soup with a variety of peppers to cook, but do not seek the extreme spicy, thorough numbness ~ But let the hemp, spicy, salty, and fragrant reach perfect harmony like never before. Whether you like big spicy, medium spicy, small spicy, or even not spicy Would like to fry wildly! Nanyang Kerry Soup Soup with special proportions Stir-fry with peanuts, ginger, lemon grass, and chili The nose is rich and layered Spicy and rich soup taste * American Prime Grade Tendon Beef Hotpot Slices * PRIME is the best in the United States! Is the highest grade beef in the U.S. Beef from young cattle under 4 Only 2-3% of American cattle can meet, very precious! A plate tendon with a locking thickness of 0.3 cm is taken from the very tender scapula Not only has the reputation of being "as delicate as oysters", but it is also the designated part that the old lady loves! * American Choice Grade Flank Beef Hotpot Slices * U.S.-selected flaps taken from beef shoulder and neck meat It is the part where the cow has a lot of exercise. This part contains many meridians and oil flowers. Moderately soft and not too greasy, lock gold thickness 0.3 cm Best for those who want to eat a little oil ~ but not too oily! * The national treasure is coming! Selected Spanish Iberian Spicy Pig Hotpot Slices * Iberian pigs growing on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain Grazing naturally in pure mountains since childhood, feeding on natural weeds and acorns After thousands of years of mixed breeding, the unique climate of the Mediterranean and special breeding methods, it has grown into the most noble pig breed The genetic purity must be more than 75% to be called an "Iberian pig" Iberian pigs not only have the reputation of "Rolls-Royce pork", they have also been described as "Kobe pork" Tied to truffles, foie gras and caviar in Europe Each piece of meat is locked to a golden ratio of 0.3 cm thick * Gold sixty-two meat! The Netherlands carefully selects gold Matsusaka pigs * The Dutch golden Matsusaka pig is taken from the front neck of the pig. There are only two pieces of a pig, which is extremely precious! Also known as "golden six or two meat", its meat is more tender and tender than other parts Compared with commercially available Matsusaka pork, the meat is particularly solid The oil flowers are evenly distributed, fat and moderate, with a crisp taste! Whether it is hot pot, scalding, grilling, or frying, it can perfectly conquer your taste buds * How to cook: * Please add 600 ~ 800c.c of water according to personal taste. After the water is boiled, you can discard the ingredients and cook, then start! *internal volume:* This combination contains a pack of 400g soup heads (Ma Ma Good Spicy / Nanyang Kerui Alternative), beef tendon hot plate 300g, beef hotpot flakes 300g, Spain's Iberian plum pork hotpot 300g, Dutch gold Matsusaka pork 300g This combination is suitable for 4 ~ 6 people *Product ingredients:* Monosodium glutamate, salt, hot sauce (soy oil, garlic, shallots, chili, sky pepper, bell pepper, black beans, white pepper) * Soybean oil does not contain genetically modified ingredients, but there are genetically modified soybeans in the processing raw materials. * Storage period: * The broth is stored frozen for 12 months, and the meat can be stored at -18 ℃ for 180 days. * Thawing method: * Please unfreeze the meat to be cooked in the refrigerator freezer before unpacking. *Precautions:* 1. If the defrosted meat has not been consumed, please use a fresh-keeping bag or a fresh-keeping box and place it in the refrigerated room. The longest can be kept for no more than 24 hours. 2. Do not repeatedly warm and freeze the product to avoid affecting the quality. After the product is opened, please consume it once to prevent the quality from being affected due to improper storage. 3. The content of the product is based on the actual product received 4. If the product is damaged when it is delivered, please take a picture and store the certificate and contact us immediately


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