【Xiaonan Law】 Two Oxford Shoes with Carved Ribbon_Cream Rice | Handmade | MIT

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◆ High-grade Japanese sheepskin ◆ Soft high-elastic insole ◆ Made in Taiwan ◆ Exclusive design ◆ Inside and outside full leather, breathable, comfortable and not stuffy feet ◆ Outer tip and inner circle, wide feet are also suitable ※ This version is normal, it is recommended to take the original size, attached Put on two shoelaces.



【Xiaonan Law】 Two Oxford Shoes with Carved Ribbon_Cream Rice | Handmade | MIT


… Material ... Uppers / Imported Japanese Sheepskin Inside / sewing of soft dolphins Outsole / Striped non-slip wear-resistant rubber Heel / front 0.8 CM. Rear 2.5 CM … Product desciption… We love to travel, we are committed to making a pair of good walking shoes, suitable for traveling around the world, and at the same time beautiful and comfortable casual shoes. We hope that our shoes can become a good travel companion with both beauty and comfort. Create unique products. ◆ Upper: Soft sheepskin imported from Japan makes the shoes soft and comfortable to wear. The carved flower has a vintage and gorgeous feeling, fine lace carving, straps, classic Oxford element, classic log heel. ◆ Insole: The inside is made of dolphin skin, which is sweat-absorbent and breathable, even if you don't wear socks, you don't have to worry about the smell of feet. The insole is 7 mm high-density rebound air cushion latex, you can feel every comfort with light pressure with your hand. ◆ Upper and outsole: In addition to viscose, vintage notched anti-slip rubber. ◆ The last is specially adjusted to fit all kinds of wide feet and thin feet. / Spot + pre-order / The spot will be shipped within 5 days, except for holidays. For pre-ordering, you need to wait for 9-28 working days (excluding regular holidays). You can wait for the order before receiving the urgent order. / Return and exchange methods / Contact snn customer service-please contact the designer If the goods need to be replaced after the goods are shipped out of size, please keep the integrity of the goods and seal them back properly. After receiving the inspection, we will arrange to send it again as soon as possible. For the freight exchange fee, the buyer and the seller each bear one trip. Receive the defective product within 3 days before reacting to the editor, and will not be returned after landing. Please keep the product intact during the return and exchange. Please pay attention to whether the ground is flat when trying on it, so as to avoid the wear and tear of the soles. The original accessories, shoe materials, dust bags and shoe boxes of the goods must also be kept intact. In the event of shortage of accessories or severe damage to the shoe box, no return or exchange will be possible. The shoe material is a close-fitting item, and cannot be returned or exchanged due to hygiene considerations. / Notice/ 1. The above specifications (Taiwan, Japan, European regulations) are for reference only, because each shoe last design is different (including length Width, volume, upper design, leather thickness, etc ...), and each brand will also be encoded differently Therefore, it is inevitable to compare the size of this design hall (SnNshoes) with other brands. 2. In order to avoid troubles between the two sides, if there are doubts about the size, be sure to perform the following steps 1. Refer to the size comparison table. 2. Inquire at the Private Information Design Museum (SnNshoes) in pinkoi station and provide the data of foot length and width according to the measurement method we provide. 3. [Custom-made shoes] You must pay the payment first, confirm the size, if you have any questions, you can write to us, and attach your foot length and width, confirm the size and enter the custom-made program. The color and size are wrong, and the product is seriously flawed). Origin | Taiwan Taiwan Manufacturing method | Handmade


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