Perfume Scented Soy Candle-Ointment Small Candle-A total of 15 styles

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▋Scented Forest-Perfume Scented Soy Candle-Ointment Small Candle: Elegant illustrations and easy-to-carry tin box packaging. Use makeup-grade perfume fragrance to adjust the fragrance, elegant fragrance


Perfume Scented Soy Candle-Ointment Small Candle-A total of 15 styles


▋Scented Forest-Perfume Scented Soy Candle-Ointment Small Candle No fragrance, no coloring. Only the light and elegant fragrance of perfume fragrance. Simple and pure, happy, elegant and relaxing Uses soybean wax and shea butter imported from the United States as the base of the candle Matched with pure cotton candlestick, so there will be no black smoke Don’t worry if you have children, pets, or the elderly --------------------------------------------- ▋Perfume scented soy candle-balm small candle-a total of 15 styles ▍British pear freesia Front/middle/after taste: pear, melon/freesia, rose/patchouli, amber, musk ▍Sage sea salt Front/middle/after notes: grapefruit, bergamot, orange/black sandalwood, floral/amber, musk, patchouli ▍Fig black currant Front/middle/after taste: lotus, lily, orange, bergamot/freesia, rose/musk ▍Lime Basil Citrus Front/middle/after taste: lime, tangerine/basil, rose, lily of the valley/amber ▍Apricot and peach blossom honey Front/medium/after taste: blackcurrant, petitgrain/apricot blossom, acacia/vetiver, peach, plum ▍Blackberry bay leaf Front/medium/after taste: blackberry/laurel leaf/cedar wood ▍Fresh grapefruit Front/medium/after taste: grapefruit, tangerine/rosemary, mint, bell pepper, jasmine/vetiver, patchouli, oak moss ▍White Jasmine Mint Front/middle/after taste: orange blossom/jasmine, lily of the valley, tea/musk, amber ▍Peony red suede Front/middle/after taste: front/middle/after taste: red apple/peony, jasmine/carmine suede ▍Orange blossoms in full bloom Front/middle/after taste: red orange, lemon, green leaves/orange blossom, lilac/jasmine ▍Blue Campanula Front/middle/after taste: green leaves, red orange, cloves, melon/hyacinth, jasmine, freesia, orange blossom, gardenia, peach/musk, amber ▍Elegant gardenia Front/medium/after taste: cardamom/gardenia, tuberose, jasmine/guaiacum, sandalwood, vetiver, musk ▍White musk flower Front/middle/after taste: musk, white pine, ylang-ylang, basil/musk, oriental jasmine, lily, rose/musk, iris, grass, amber, patchouli, peach ▍Morning dew red rose Front/middle/after taste: green leaf, lemon, violet, rose/rose/musk ▍Elegant green tea Front/middle/after taste: fresh fruit, green tea, citrus, peach, green tea/scented tea, peach, apple, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, green tea/scented tea, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, green tea --------------------------------------------- The small and cute balm candles can burn continuously for 5 hours! Lightweight pocket design, plus a simple and cute cowhide envelope Let the friend who received the gift be happy and put it down --------------------------------------------- ▋Detailed information: -Every time you burn, try to maintain it for more than 1 hour, so that the wax oil burns smoothly and evenly -The use of high-spec makeup-grade fragrances, the smell is as charming as high-end perfume [Contents] 30g soy candle + small tin box + illustration style kraft paper packaging bag [Ingredients] Soy wax, shea butter, coconut oil, cosmetic grade fragrance [Essential Oil] High-spec makeup-grade perfume fragrance [Size] Tank size: diameter 5cmx height 2cm [Time] Continuous combustion can burn for about 5 hours 【Save】Unopened, it can be stored for five years. Please keep in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight 【Manufacturing】Taiwan ------------------------------------------- Scented Candle Series-Declaration of Peace of Mind: O-Use high-spec makeup grade fragrance X-No artificial fixative X-Does not contain phthalates X-nitro-musk free X-no chemical agent X-no environmental hormones X-Does not contain fragrance or fixative ingredients that are harmful to the environment, humans, or animals ------------------------------------------- ▋Perfume scented soy candle Perfume scented soy candle There are 15 types like balm candles The classic glass bottle body adds a sense of neatness to the space It fits anywhere in the house! ▍Buy here👉 ------------------------------------------- ▋About the discount: There are several ways to get discount coupons for Fragrance Forest:) [1] Follow us Follow us and there will be mysterious coupons! [2] Leave a review Leave a review after purchase, usually there will be mysterious discounts! [3] Click on the discount link to register as a Pinkoi member If you haven't joined Pinkoi, you can click the link below to join as a member! You can immediately get a hot NT30 coupon! --------------------------------------------- ▋About shipping: From Monday to Friday, orders confirmed before 12 noon will be sent out in the afternoon of the same day. Orders received in the afternoon will be shipped the next day (it will be postponed in case of holidays). Please refer to the following information for the delivery time. > General Mail: Arrival in 2-3 days > Superstore pickup: Arrival in 2-3 days --------------------------------------------- We will also launch new fragrances one after another... So please pay attention to us:)


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