| Alarein | Handmade Silver | Western Series | Bracelet | Lein

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| Alarein | Handmade Silver | Western Series | Bracelet | Lein


NO: TWB-01 Size | SIZE Front Width | Height: 70mm Top High Weight: 8mm Material: Material: Sterling Silver Design Ideas | Inspiration To "dilemma" as the theme of design, inspired by my friends, but this situation should continue to occur in many places, is that a female friend, in the work by strength to a very good level, but only to find The original height of the crowd, everywhere is the risk. The struggle between the supervisors, the subordinates to her ridicule satirical ... this story has no end, the female friends still insist on her work in the Okazaki, Lee compiled this work, is to cheer for her, but also dedicated to life The struggle of you. Bracelet Design - Lein Designed in three themes, the middle of the pentagram, compiled side of the thunderbolt and heavy rain surface traces of water and bows and arrows Pentagram on behalf of the female sheriff, thunder in the thunder of the rainy night rush, was betrayed her Indians chase, In the bad weather and the enemy's attack, the female police chief how to continue to survive? Rainy night, thunderstorms storms raging, Chasing arrows, pierced the hat along the run cliff, No, in front of these deficiencies let me give up everything! Use and maintenance Silver surface modeling often pull clothes to make things like sweater off the line Especially when wearing clothes So it is best to wear clothes, and then wear jewelry; the other hand is the first off jewelry, and then faded clothes Do not use silver cleaning with silver cleaning Maintenance can be wiped with the rubbish wipes The best way to maintain is often wearing silver, do not worry about the so-called hot springs, Sweating causes silver surface discoloration or scars caused by collisions. Silver with you, is to follow you live together, will raise a unique effect. Unless you really oxidize the effect or surface scratches are not satisfied, and then sent back to us, We can help you deal with. (Must bear the freight itself) Included Guarantee card * 1 Rub silver cloth * 1 Alarein carton * 1 Velvet bag * 1 Paper bag * 1 Origin / manufacturing method Design and manufacture all the goods with packaging, design to the production are designed in Taiwan, Taiwan production complete jewelry engraving, vulcanization process are handled manually in Taiwan About the designer and brand idea https://youtu.be/TpTNFNXYyx0


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