Every family wine M series shoulder bag/handbag/canvas bag/A4 tote bag/cactus/in stock

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House wine A bag designed with the theme of daily life, a childhood, may often play games with mouths and pretend to be a house wine. A simple tote bag, like a little helper in life, accompanies us to school, work, shopping, bookstores, and coffee. A lot of life is a bit of an adult-style house wine.


Every family wine M series shoulder bag/handbag/canvas bag/A4 tote bag/cactus/in stock


**Brand X Creator** Dear November Studio, Each piece is created by a designer, Pattern making, material selection, production and packaging. The whole process is hand-made. The colors are selected, Quality is sincerity, The function is absolutely practical, Use both hands to pass the hand to make a line, Just want to exchange a beautiful smile with you. **style** Exquisite but not gorgeous, everyday but not conventional, elegant but not artificial. **Features** The style is not easy to repeat, because the fabric is used up, and sometimes it is difficult to get it again. The designer secretly hopes that his work will have a different expression every time, If you are very persistent, you are welcome to ask if you can order the same work. **Style** Family Wine Series (Cactus) **size** ▲Width: 32cm ▲Thickness: 12cm ▲Height: 32cm ▲ Strap: 15cm (can be shoulder-back) ▲ Pocket design: magnetic buckle design / 1 pocket inside ▲Texture: Moderate **Material** cotton **maintenance** ▲ If you want to extend the life of the bag, it is recommended to wash it by hand and let it dry naturally. ▲ There is dirt locally, you can use a small brush, dip the diluted soapy water, and gently remove it. ▲ Hand-made bags are to be used frequently, the older they will be, the more beautiful they will be. **Instructions for use** ▲ Suitable for people who like to go out lightly. ▲Suitable for storing books, IPAD, folding umbrellas, kettles. ▲It is suitable for daily use, because it is easy to match clothing, without having to hurt your brain. ▲Suitable for commuting, the capacity is just right. **Focus** ▲ Handmade goods, the stitching of the car will have a natural feel, and it is not absolutely perfect. ▲ If the color difference must exist, the color is subject to the actual product. ▲ The dimensions are all made and measured manually, and there will be some errors. ▲ Hand-cut, the pattern position of the same fabric is not necessarily symmetrical. ▲ The fabric inside is based on the designer's collocation. ▲ If the information on the website is not enough for you to decide to purchase, please do not order easily. ▲ If there are other incurable diseases, please feel free to chat with us! **Delivery** ▲ Spot merchandise will be sent in about 3-5 days (not including 6 days). ▲ To order the same type of merchandise, it will take about 14 days (excluding six or six days) to ship. ▲ Urgent needs, please ask in advance, do not want you to miss important days. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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