Labradorite + oil mermaid blue green + caramel coffee wax line is very fine and loyal to your courage

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Be brave, be confident, love yourself!


Labradorite + oil mermaid blue green + caramel coffee wax line is very fine and loyal to your courage


[Brave, be confident, love yourself! ] detail/ Labradorite - oil sapphire - labradorite (about 4mm each) Mermaid blue green + caramel coffee | bead buckle / drawstring ((Oil jasmine is different in color, please choose by random)) **• musubi • knot rope - wishing rope - lucky rope •** Musubi injects fresh vitality into the tradition, a bit cute and a bit temperament. The two extremely fine wax lines are woven with the knots of the blessings, and they are woven together in a knot. It is more time to weave than the average hand rope, but it is very delicate! Recommended for people who like to wear a thin bracelet❤️ *The diamond knot is a knot, which is a kind of amulet in Tibetan Buddhism.* *Natural gemstones have energy fields. After purchase, they can be worn after three rounds of purification in the temple incense burner. Various religions can be purified and blessed according to their own methods.* * Wax line is more durable than traditional Chinese knot wire and can be worn for a long time without special removal. * Wax line lucky rope does not fade and is not allergic *It’s okay to touch the water and take a shower. ***Important volume*** Please read the design bulletin board Remember to ''quantally'' fit the size of the wrist! Please use a tape measure, a soft cord or a long strip of paper to loosen the wrist around the ring (preferably loose or not), do not need to reserve the looseness yourself (do not put a finger wide and do not loosen the length) Just fine, we will add about 0.7 cm of looseness for you to wear just the wrist! (ex. Your hand and hand circumference +0.7 = full length of the bracelet) ''But'' If you are not used to fitting your wrists and want to wear them loosely, it is recommended to leave a looseness of 1 to 1.5 cm! But please write to us or let us note the full length size that feels comfortable! **If there is no special remarks or full-length size, the hand circumference will default to another +0.7 cm looseness!**Thank you! ((We have adjusted the problem of looseness many times! Now we feel comfortable and the looseness is the fit of the wrist +0.6~0.8 cm! But the looseness we like is not necessarily your honey! Any size questions can be written to discuss!)) **Remind once again, please make sure that the quantity fits the size of the wrist before placing the order.** If the amount is not accurate, please choose the drawstring, as long as you can loosen it; the amount of the bead buckle is too small to wear. Please, please, please, please be sure to have a good amount. Thank you. • The colors in the photos may vary slightly depending on the display screen. • Natural stone and micro-gemstone are different in each product. There may be some cracks, natural lines, and mixed colors. We will try our best to select the best ones. Please be sure to accept the order. • It is easy to put on and take off. It is difficult to take the sling after wearing it. • Our bracelets are all able to take a bath and sleep! It is often possible to loosen or break it when you take it. There is also a saying: break it and say it can help you out! • Exceeding (including) 20 cm or more of the hand circumference / foot circumference, please inquire separately, thank you! • For friends in Hong Kong and abroad: We are sending**aviation registration (non-SF)**Please fill in the name and address of the certificate, thank you! After the operator starts the single day**making days about 3-10 days (excluding holidays excluding 26)** Each bracelet is custom-made + handmade, hand-made is urgent! Thank you for your patience.


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