Multicolor Tourmaline x 925 Silver [Colorful] - Handmade Natural Stone Series

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Each tourmaline color will be slightly different~ All sizes will be free to add 925 silver extension chain, if you do not need to tell!!



Multicolor Tourmaline x 925 Silver [Colorful] - Handmade Natural Stone Series


◆■【Colorful】■◆ Multicolor tourmaline x 925 silver x Japanese fishing line "The beauty of the tourmaline, you will know when you bring it." ◆■【Material introduction】■◆ Tourmaline [Tourmalin] Alias: Tourmaline Black tourmaline ★ Black gemstones are used to avoid evil, effectively eliminate turbidity, eliminate stress, improve health and luck. Blue tourmaline ★ Helps enhance expression and persuasiveness. Huang Bizhen ★ Put it together with the wallet to enhance the partial wealth. ★ can make people calm, well-organized, and act properly. Green tourmaline ★ Put it together with the wallet to enhance your fortune. ★ Make people calm, concentrated, clear-minded, act properly, and sleep peacefully. Rose tourmaline ★ It is said that it can attract love and friendship, increase the heterosexuality, make people happy and happy. ★ Melt indifference and alienation, dispel loneliness and loneliness, and strengthen affinity. ◆■【Customized reminder & description】■◆ - If you have a sensitive body condition on metal, please avoid ordering. - Product photos will show some color difference due to different weather and screen colors. - Handmade beads, how many will have the size of the shape, if not acceptable, do not subscript. - Natural ore will have unique characteristics, ice floes, textures, mines, we will try hard to choose when making, but not every 100% perfect. These are the bounty of nature. If you can't accept it, please don't subscript 喔. ◆■[part of the hand]■◆ - Please inform me that the hand is a few centimeters after the order is placed, which will speed up the receipt of the work. - If you are not sure, please write to us to discuss with our team. Hand circumference method: - Take a tape measure or a line or piece of paper around your wrist, mark it and spread it out. - Please give us the size of the wrist (cm). We need the "real" of your hand, so don't use it too loose or too tight. - Finally, please let us know if you want to wear it (the bracelet can slide a little) or loose (can slide up and down freely). - Because of the difference in the size of the hand, the arrangement will be fine-tuned according to the length, which will increase or decrease the material 有些. ◆■【Jewelry Maintenance】■◆ - If the silver is worn with contact with sweat, skin care products, etc., it can be oxidized by wiping with a silver cloth. - Avoid letting the jewelry touch the water, contact with acid and alkaline, body lotion, perfume, etc. - It is recommended to take off the water or take it before bathing. If it is exposed for a long time, it will be oxidized and faded. - When wearing Japanese elastic threads, try not to pull hard to avoid fatigue and breakage. ◆■[After-sales service]■◆ - If the goods are manufactured, except for defective products, there is no refund or replacement service. - If you need to change the size after receiving the item, you will need to pay the additional postage and additional production costs. ◆■ [I hope everyone can find their own unique natural stone jewelry 喔] ■ ◆


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