Tree of Life Treeboy simple, jewelry grade work, bracelet anklet necklace .. all in accordance with your favorite to help you do.

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Tree of Life Treeboy simple, jewelry grade work, bracelet anklet necklace .. all in accordance with your favorite to help you do.


Tree of Life about 1.9cm, Eden, there are two trees, one we all know the apple tree (good and evil tree), another tree is the tree of life ,,, And this tree is a lot of meaning, from Kabbalah and the teachings of the Bible Which branches and packing have a different story, The most common argument: to complete their own mission, and finally get a good fruit " The photo should be quite clear, you can zoom in to see the size of the delicate degree, the works will never be vague with photos. If the player chain or anklet, please specify if the sample in the photo, or hanging type Photo: 2.3.4., Is the guests after the purchase of real feedback, but also authentic to you for reference Pendant, bracelet, anklet ,,,, can help you complete ~ ***welcome urgent contact to meet your needs, is our ,,,,,,, glory*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Love the sea store" only enthusiasm, no virtual commission. To compare price, please bypass !!!! Than the product. Come in, look slowly !!! We will not tell the story, but will create and silently create the work of the thought. We will not say that will bring a fortune, strokes peach and other vague, but will make you more weary love. We do not over-packaging, will only use the price to return, We do not have candy biscuits gifts, only with their own hand to knock silver, carved silver, polished. Let our works follow you for a long time ~ Have feelings, will speak, is the principle of our hand, We silently, low-key operating entity for more than 20 years, each piece of work, adhere to 100% personally created 925 or 999 sterling silver jewelry grade jewelry. One of the meticulous, only you please savor! Perhaps the little works on the shelf, the future ~ a piece of the show Small space, free handwritten text, And there are many lines, (please after the purchase of the letter with the station, with us.)) All the works can be carried by surfing, playing with water **That can not wear a bath thing, we did not technology production, sorry** We guarantee permanent free maintenance, just pay back and forth postage (For replacement parts, discretionary fees) You have any ideas or custom, please tell us that we will try to help you complete! No transaction does not matter, write station letter! size: About 1.9cm (please specify the order to be accompanied by hand or foot length) Material: 925silver, 925, silver by: Sea2u Origin / manufacturing method TAIWAN


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