Citrine-pink tourmaline-amethyst-red garnet-green diopside-fine ring-adjustable-birthstone

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Selected high-quality lightweight semi-precious stones With very fine ring It is a ring with both fashion and energy



Citrine-pink tourmaline-amethyst-red garnet-green diopside-fine ring-adjustable-birthstone

商品説明 A thin ring that combines fashion and energy The gems are bright and dazzling under the light Adjustable ring is suitable for most people Mozambique garnet, full-bodied color It's very bright red under light, but much darker on cloudy days It is bright and medium purple, without black, very beautiful under light Light pale goose yellow, fresh and refined visual sense The color is light, not strong yellow Faint cherry blossom light pink, like a dream princess, very gentle color The actual color is lighter than the photo, and the color is better Color-saturated Swiss Blue Topaz Bright and dazzling to complement the complexion High chroma green diopside, both classic and fashionable Every girl needs an emerald ring Matching style-chain ring [Free shipping for two items in the whole museum] Natural gems, especially gems with good transparency, have a big gap between sunlight and low light The color of a gemstone needs to be refolded by light to show its beautiful fire These are the characteristics of natural stone Please watch in a well-lit or obvious indoor lighting is the color of the photo ▼▼▼ This is a semi-finished ring set provided to the design by the silver jewelry processing factory Because it saves mold opening costs, the price is very close to the people The gems use very good VVS grade Inlaid by the designer one by one Because the silver is soft, the paws are slightly indented This is a trace of handmade silver rings.. At this price, you can only buy alloy plating + artificial diamonds at the counter But Mu Yin is 925 sterling silver gold-plated + natural semi-precious stones Beautiful and delicate with natural energy The CP is super high, take it home if you like it! -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- The color of a rose gold ring will fade for a long time Careful maintenance, wearing a variety of rings in turn can extend the color retention time It only costs 300 yuan to change the ring -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ▼▼▼ Main stone: Natural semi-precious stones 3*3mm /VVS grade flawless to the naked eye Setting: 925 sterling silver rose gold plated Ring: adjustable, Hong Kong code 12-15, international code 10-15 The inner end of the shank overlap is not colored You can't see the appearance inside or outside, unless you break it apart, it will not affect the wearing effect ▼▼▼ 1. Different styles of ring size are different, please see the code number in detail 2. The color of gems changes under different light sources, please enjoy them by the window with sunlight 3. The size of gemstones are all measured with an electronic vernier ruler, and the error is large if measured with a flat ruler 4. The color rendering of each computer is different, the color difference is inevitable, please be considerate 5. The photo has a visual magnification effect due to macro shooting, please pay attention to the size This product does not take the initiative to provide paper bags, please note if you need paper bags ▼▼▼ 925 sterling silver + gold plating + maintenance method -------------------------------------------------- ------- Mu Yin's ring uses sterling silver setting + good electroplating technology But except for gold, any gilded jewelry will fade If unacceptable, please buy sterling silver and platinum-plated products 1 When cleaning, please avoid wiping the small drill part to avoid the drill. 2 Do not use silver wiping cloth to avoid abrasion of the gold-plated layer 3 Please take it off when swimming, hot springs, and sports 4 Remove everything when doing housework, bathing, and sleeping 5 Please seal and store in the box when not wearing 6 The longer friction part will return to the silver color 7 Follow the above maintenance methods to extend the color retention time ▼▼▼ Thank you for coming to Muyin, please contact us if you have any questions Hope that through sincere communication between people, it will bring you more pleasure