Miss Qi Snowball Cookies Petty Bourgeois Bucket Souvenir Instantly Melting Greek Snowball Cookies

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Different from the snowballs on the market, at least more than 50% of the flour type is used to make macarons with a high proportion of almond flour. The cost is high but the food is very happy! I just want to give you my favorite ❤️ If you understand, you will buy it home silently.


750cc x 1



Miss Qi Snowball Cookies Petty Bourgeois Bucket Souvenir Instantly Melting Greek Snowball Cookies


🔺Dears, if you are an urgent order, please write to provide the product name, quantity, and estimated date of delivery before placing the order, and then place the order after inquiry and discussion🤗 ┌ Commodity brief description┐ The proportion of each ingredient is perfectly blended, so that the flour and macarons almond flour are the most beautiful encounter. With walnuts, every bite melts in the mouth and has a nutty fragrance and is not greasy. It is delicious to fly to the sky~~ This is a must-have snack for traditional Greek weddings. The wedding biscuits kourabiedes melt in the mouth and are very happy because they are sprinkled with snow-white powdered sugar and are also special Christmas biscuits in many countries. Oh, oh, oh, what kind of biscuits melt in your mouth and are so delicious? ! (When I first ate it, Miss Qi was crying silently in her heart). After eating a small bag, she saw that there was a bag on the table in the living room, and decided to silently take it back to the room for exclusive use (*´▽`*). ↑No exaggeration, this is the first time Miss Qi and Walnut Snowball met when they were young. I look forward to everyone buying it back to feel the full sense of happiness. ※The merchandise in the design hall also has a round grid iron box as a gift. ┌ Taste selection┐ Classic original Elegant cocoa Calm Matcha Miss Black Tea Adult coffee ※Only a single flavor can be selected. ┌ Strict selection of raw materials┐ ● Kumamoto Flour Flour Wheat Flour ● California's top almond flour ● French cream Elle & Vire Unsalted Butter from France, Elle & Vire is the top dairy product from Normandy, France. ● California Big Walnut ● Top Cocoa Powder Valrhona Cocoa Powder Valrhona 100%, Valrhona was founded in 1922 by the French chocolate master Guironnet and passed down to the present. It is a boutique and leading brand in the chocolate industry. It is well-known for its persistence and pursuit of quality and is deeply loved by the masters of the baking industry. And recommended, most famous dessert shops and five-star hotels give Valrhona chocolate as the first priority. ● Uji Matcha Powder, Kyoto, Japan ● Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea Taiwan Tea No. 18 (cooperation with Sun Moon Lake Organic Tea Garden, no pesticides) ● Gukeng freshly ground coffee powder ● Japanese trehalose ┌ Dimensions, weight┐ 750cc drum, which can contain about 23-25 pieces (including drum weighing about 350 ± 10g) One bite is not enough to eat, a 2-3 bite is the happiest 🥰 ┌ About shipping┐ After placing the order, arrange the order and send it out Handmade biscuits are fresh food, and cannot be returned or exchanged after shipment~Thank you. 》If you want to give a gift, you can also buy a gift kraft paper bag store. ‼ ️Biscuits are fragile items, so we don’t take any responsibility when we go to the store, so the risk of chipping is extremely high~ Choosing home delivery will be safer to deliver. ❤️ ‼ ️The goods will be packaged properly before shipment. Each package will use bubble wrap, anti-collision paper and cushioned newspapers. Please consider whether you want to save the freight burden and exceed the store-to-store risk, or use safer but shipping Expensive black cat home delivery. ⚠️The freight in Hong Kong is set to pay on delivery ✈️SF Smart Cabinet ✈️SF Home Delivery From August 1st to September 30th, 2020, customers who pick up express shipments at SF Express Hong Kong self-operated outlets or by the way smart lockers can enjoy up to HK$10 self-pickup discount*! (Applicable to cash-on-cash self-pick-up express mail that requires a fee of HK$30 or more) For details, please refer to the SF Express Hong Kong website. ┌ Save method┐ Room temperature: 18 days (due to no added preservatives, consume as soon as possible after opening) ┌ Origin and manufacturing method┐ Handmade in Taiwan.


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