Immortal flower table potted flowers/glamorous fragrant table flowers/customized non-withered flower ceremony/dry flowers/home decoration

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The products are all handmade products, and each piece is an elaborate artwork of the designer. We pursue fashion and quality. You can place them wherever you want Add a ray of color to your life



Immortal flower table potted flowers/glamorous fragrant table flowers/customized non-withered flower ceremony/dry flowers/home decoration


【about that product】 Product content: No withered flowers (eternal flower) Product size: (with flower and line performance) L50*W40*H45 (CM) 【Introduction to non-withered flowers and dry flowers】 /Preserved Flower/ *No withering flowers are made of fresh flowers, using organic dyes and artificial glycerin, and processed by special techniques. They retain the supple texture of flowers, but do not suffer from pollen allergies or insect pests. * Non-withered flowers have a supple texture like flowers and can display rich colors more than flowers, which can be watched for a long time. *It is easy to take care of without withering flowers and has a long storage time. It is suitable for creating home decoration. * No withering and no watering, high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight should be avoided, and the well-preserved viewing period of non-withered flowers can be up to 2-5 years. /Dried Flower/ *Dry flowers are products of natural drying of flowers. As the water evaporates, the flower shape will shrink, the color will change, the texture will be crisp and hard and easy to fall, but still exudes the fragrance of natural flowers. *Dry flowers are flowers that will fade to varying degrees over time. Avoid high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight, and keep a good dry flower viewing period (depending on the type of flower), up to half a year to several years. 【storage method】 *In order to avoid staining and sticking, the flower surface is in contact with clothes, bed walls, wooden cabinets or wooden furniture. *If the flowers are contaminated with dust and debris, you can blow the sun ball or blow the cold wind of the hairdryer to clean it. *Please put in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. *Avoid placing in a dark and humid place, which is prone to mold. *It can be stored for more than 12 months after being well preserved. It is normal to fade naturally with time. 【Product packaging】 This product will be accompanied by an exquisite bag in the design hall, so that you can give gifts absolutely not rude, and it has super face. 【Before purchase】 -The photos are taken from real products. The handmade flowers and packaging are hand-made, which cannot guarantee that the products are exactly the same. -The EROS will be protected from damage when sending. Due to the fragile nature of the dried flowers, it is inevitable that a small amount of flower debris will fall out of the box. Super perfectionists please consider carefully ordering. -Because the flower materials are seasonal, if there is a shortage, we will design and match you with the color system and the overall appearance unchanged. -The dried flowers and immortal flowers are natural materials. It is inevitable that there will be collisions and some drops during transportation. We will try our best to pack and protect the products. [About our brand philosophy] EROS has been cultivating in Taichung for nearly five years, and has won the boutique counters GUCCI, Fendi, Chanel, Palace Game Company and other companies for three consecutive years. It is favored by VVIP for making birthday flowers and public relations activities. At the same time, there are also many overseas nominated recommendations. The feedback from customers is constant. The most frequently received is that the texture and special sense of the flower gift are far more than the value paid. The special requirements for details and fineness are what we insist on! It is also our daily work to provide the ideal and perfect flowers in line with customers' minds! 🌸 Studio operation is not easy, sincerely hope that when you receive the goods, we can give us a good evaluation of affirmative support 🌸 🌸If you have any questions, please don’t rush to give a bad review. After contacting us, we will deal with it as soon as possible 🌸