Natural green l Black-headed babbler l Natural dyeing l Handmade double-layer lotus leaf bib

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Use Korean pure cotton cloth + Korean high-quality KC certified pleated double yarn



Natural green l Black-headed babbler l Natural dyeing l Handmade double-layer lotus leaf bib


Do you think the product name is very realistic? The designer looked at the birds on the fabric, Think there must be such a beautiful bird in the real world? - So I asked friends who have a little bit of natural ecology I found that the bird on the cloth should be "Black-headed Babbler" I was really satisfied when I met such a beautiful bird in a bib! - Use Korean pure cotton cloth + Korean high-quality KC certified washed pleated double yarn ⧫Korea KC certification (no formaldehyde, no aromatic amine, PH value qualified) The fabric is dyed with natural pigments, so it has a light color and makes the fabric softer. It removes impurities during countless boiling and drying processes, and can be used without irritation for sensitive skin. - The milk tea apricot is really beautiful, this combination, I hope you will like it :) - The tightness of the neck is just to show the lotus leaf effect Actually, it won’t be pinched on the baby’s neck~ please rest assured (The last one is the sharing of Ning Ning's baby, it's so cute) There is a button on the back of the bib, which can be worn as usual. The designer's suggestion to the gift picker: Gifts don’t have to be a group of the same suit, Gifts of different designs and colors will give the recipient a richer visual experience and show the intentions of the person who chooses the gift. Like me, I like different colors, because in this way, it can be more diverse and changeable in the baby's outfit. - You can choose different designs and items by yourself, After the unified order and checkout, please note [Gifts, please pack them in the same box]. - Please be sure to read carefully before buying: [designer thanks everyone for your support] ★ Continue to fill orders, hurry up and then hurry up! ★ After placing the order, it will take 14 days to produce and ship excluding holidays. If you make it early, it will be shipped early! ★ Orders less than 950 yuan or more, if you have gift packaging requirements, you must purchase gift box packaging, please go to the following link to place an order gift box packaging ★ An order will be packed together, if you have special needs, please let us know in the order! Thank you -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Thank you very much for your crazy order Single color package item! Or a single item package design! Although we reply uniformly "it takes 14 days without holidays" But in fact, in my heart, I sincerely hope that I can speed up the pace Give beautiful and cute products to all the angels' cute babies. As soon as possible, I will use my best as fast as possible! I am more anxious than everyone Everyone’s true love and willingness to wait Since the start of my business, I have never wanted to disappoint or disappoint everyone. Thank you all for waiting! a thankful heart! Thanks for the support! -


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