[Original jewelry] handmade-beaded lily of the valley brooch

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Hand-made beaded brooches are perfect for personal use as gifts.


[Original jewelry] handmade-beaded lily of the valley brooch


Lily of the valley, Also known as lily of the valley, bellflower, In China, lily of the valley is also called Junyingcao, Reminiscent of what Confucius praised: "Zhilan was born in a deep valley, and it doesn't look like there is no one but has a fragrance; The noble personality of a gentleman who cultivates morality and morality and does not change his temper for the sake of poverty. The flower language of lily of the valley is the return of happiness, Every May 1st is the Lily of the Valley Festival in France, People give each other lily of the valley and wish each other, Hanging lily of the valley at home symbolizes happiness forever. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50085591391_33bca70b74_b_d.jpg [Material and craftsmanship] Choose Japanese TOHO rice beads, Miyuki antique beads, Swarovski crystal diamond beads and pearls, Guihe limited glitter pearls, imported accessories and chains, hand-beaded, and high-quality materials make the finished product present Gorgeous jewellery effect with high-definition texture, and unique styles show individuality. [Finished size] length is about 5cm, width is about 4cm -------------------------------------------------- ---------- 【About customization】 1. Color selection: In principle, guests can communicate with the designer about their color preferences, but due to factors such as color difference, the final match is subject to the designer. Please know and trust the designer's design. 2. Accessory matching: each finished accessory is carefully selected by the designer, but during the customization process, there will be factors such as inventory changes or even out of print, so the designer will communicate with customers while ensuring the quality remains unchanged Then change the accessories of different styles. 3. Fabric selection: subject to the picture of the finished product, if the customer needs to choose other fabrics, please communicate with the designer; if the fabric is changed due to factors such as inventory changes, the designer will change it after communicating with the customer while ensuring the quality remains unchanged Style of fabric. 4. If you have other ideas, please boldly communicate with the designer! 【Shopping Notes】 1. All products are taken in kind, but the pictures may have color difference issues, please refer to the actual product received. 2. The size of the product is manually measured, there will be some errors. 3. All products are customized after the order is placed, and there will be problems with delayed delivery. Please communicate the delivery time with the designer when customizing. Do not accept urgent orders. Please place orders carefully. 4. All products are handmade, there will be imperfections, perfectionists please place orders carefully. 5. Cloth bag maintenance: please avoid stains when using, and please dry clean or hand wash when cleaning. 6、Accessories maintenance: Please avoid water, stains, or contact with perfume chemicals. 7、For unfinished matters, please communicate more and understand each other!


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