Silk sweet apricot // Hand-made cold soap // Cleansing

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[Silk Sweet Apricot // Hand-made Cold Soap// Cleansing] The silk feels smooth after soaping. It is matched with sweet almond oil suitable for dry and sensitive skin and moisturizing shea butter. It is specially designed for facial cleansing. The designed soap makes the skin refreshing but not dry after use.



Silk sweet apricot // Hand-made cold soap // Cleansing


【Xiaomei Soap】 Daily cleaning, except for being better for yourself It can also have no negative impact on the environment I hope to share my love for the earth’s nature through handmade soap The more people use soap, the less the environment will be burdened, and the more you can feel in your heart. This is the original intention of Xiaomei soap making In this life, I just want to keep making soap... **~Ecofriendly~** **~Earth Harmony Living~** **~Sustainable Development~** [Xiaomei's Ideas] Living on a beautiful earth, you want to start from yourself and reduce unnecessary impact on the environment. Doing it bit by bit and accumulating bit by bit is a kind of strength. 【**Silk Sweet Apricot**// Hand-made cold soap // Washing face】 The silk is smooth and tender after soaping. It is matched with sweet almond oil suitable for dry and sensitive skin and moisturizing shea butter. It is a soap specially designed for facial skin cleansing. After use, the skin is refreshing but not dry. 【About Soap】 All ingredients: olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, water, sodium hydroxide, silk, pheasant essential oil, lavender essential oil, cedar essential oil. Weight: 100g±5g. Application: Normal and dry skin. Place of Origin: Taiwan, handmade. Remarks (1) Since the products are all handmade, the appearance, color, size, etc. of each batch of soap will be slightly different, but the quality and function will not be affected. If you mind, please do not place an order, thank you. Remarks (2) Natural essential oils are used in soap making. They will evaporate naturally during the soaping process, and the aroma of essential oils will gradually fade or be almost non-scented. If you mind, please do not place an order, thank you. 【Precautions】 // Shipping and packaging method // (1) Kraft carton packaging: each soap is packed in an independent kraft carton. (2) Single-layer tissue paper packaging: each soap is packaged with a piece of tissue paper (or clean wrapping paper after cutting). If you buy more than one soap of the same type, it will still be a piece of tissue paper to pack all the purchased soaps. . (3) The shipping box is also packed in simple kraft paper boxes or clean reusable paper boxes. I want to reuse resources as much as possible, reduce waste, and minimize the impact on the environment. If you mind, please send a message first Ask for discussion. // Recommended usage // It can be used with bath balls or soap bags to wash your face, bath and cleanse after rubbing out more bubbles. Handmade soap is a weak alkaline cleaning product, please avoid eyes, mouth and nose when using it. If there is any discomfort during use, please suspend use immediately. // storage method// Unused handmade soap, please put it in a dry, ventilated and cool place indoors, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight and damp places. Please place the handmade soap in use in a well-drained soap tray, and keep it dry after use, which can prevent the handmade soap from becoming soft due to dampness and prolong the use time. // save time// The longer the handmade soap is matured, the drier the soap body will be. In addition to the warmer wash feeling, it can also be used for a longer time. However, if there is no proper storage space, it is still recommended to use the handmade soap within one year after it is matured. Generally, handmade soap has a shelf life of at least one year if there is no macula, oil consumption, or storage environment. If there is a macula and oil consumption smell, it can still be used to clean clothes and use it as soon as possible. [Handmade soap knowledge] Handmade soap is a natural cleaning product. After mixing "fat" and "alkaline water", the saponification reaction takes place to obtain "soap" and "glycerin". Body soap to clean, laundry, washing dishes, most importantly,**after using soap, in contact with water lasts about 24 hours, the bacteria can be broken down into water and carbon dioxide, into the nature neither pollute the environment, It will not pose a threat to organisms, and will not bring a burden to the environment in which we live**.


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