Brass Lettering Keyring - Love Edition

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Deliver deep emotions with a restrained and steady brass lettering key ring



Brass Lettering Keyring - Love Edition


|**Size**| Brass copper column length x width x height is about 4cmx0.6cmx0.6cm The key ring has an inner diameter of approximately 2.5 cm |**Material**|: Electroless Brass -- A small piece of sandpaper (maintenance key ring small items) will be attached to the goods. If you need to purchase it, you can purchase it from the general hardware. ================================================= •About brass Brass, a natural metal. Brass that are not plated will not fade. But because of After oxidation, the color becomes darker and presents a vintage copper color. Oxidation or darkening Depending on the individual's constitution, the sweat is different in acid and alkali, and it is worn or exposed to rain for a long time. Sweat, skin care products, etc., will vary. |**use and care**| ================================================= |**Design Ideas**| Fuchia's words, non-hand knocking, non-Ray carving, but exclusive design of micro-carving Machine, combined with manual, precision engraving and traditional engraving techniques, At the same time, it has fine accessories with delicateness and feel temperature. The key ring is a daily small thing, and the details of each carry-on item can be used for exhibition. Now self-taste, with restrained and steady brass, in the special days, to convey the truth. ================================================= |**Customized Service Content**| ◆The front is L ♡ VE **Offer merchandise, this section does not provide customized service**. **If you need to customize, please click the following product link to purchase**. **positive words For Black, please refer to the following link to photo merchandise**. ◆The back of the copper column is the fuchia brand typeface (Fuchia cursive body is brand-specific, this font is not open custom). ◆You can also add letter cards to make the key ring more exclusive. Plus purchase URL: → ◆ Or add a round pendant next to the key ring, which feels more chic. Plus purchase URL → ================================================= ◆ The back side can accept the custom English name, replacing the fuchia brand name. (1) Only accept**English letters**(AZ or az), or numbers 0-9, 15 words within the custom service. Simple symbols can also be accepted, such as: & ♡ ∞ ... and so on. (2) The space counts a letter.**fonts are fixed**(as shown below). (4) If you want to make a custom, please select [Back Customization +150] in the option, and indicate the words you want to make in the remarks. For example: Custom typeface: Carol or custom typeface: Tom Wu (5) The words can be black or black. The words are not black (Normal) Black and white (Black) ◆Please indicate the words you want to customize in the following fields when ordering, to avoid delays in shipping time. Example: Lettering: Tom (made in the case of the letters provided). **A service that cannot provide changes after it has been written** ================================================= |**Product packaging**| - zippered bags (packaged individually for each key ring). -- Small pieces of sandpaper. -- Brand carton packaging (1-2 pieces in the same box, if you need**separate packaging**, please note). ================================================= |**About merchandise shipping**| •**Taiwan region**(excluding 6 days and national holidays) -- The post office is registered for about 1-2 days. -- Super-commercial pick-up takes about 2-3 days. •**Hong Kong and Macau**(excluding 6 days and national holidays) -- Send it using [SF], it can be delivered in about 2-3 days. •**Non-Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macau**(excluding 6 days and national holidays) -- Use the post office air parcel to send. It can be delivered approximately 10-14 working days after being sent. ================================================= |**Notes**| - Most of the production process still needs to be hand-made, cutting from the copper column, Drilling, polishing to repair, may not be 100% accurate in length, polished Degrees or honing angles are not 100% perfect or flawless. This is the temperature of the hand. If it is unacceptable, please consider it before placing an order. -- Each computer is different, and there may be some color difference in consideration. Actually, it must still be based on commodity entities. -- Each piece of work is hand-made after the order is placed. After the sale, the service of returning and returning is not provided. |**Origin / Production Method**| Taiwan / Handmade


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