Period limit | Christmas exchange gift jam group x bundle pocket 50g

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50g x 2
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Period limit | Christmas exchange gift jam group x bundle pocket 50g


🌲🌲🌲Pre-ordered products will be shipped from 2019/11/20 **Period limit | Christmas exchange gift jam group x bundle pocket 50g** Inclusion . 50g hand-made jam x two cans [with the season's selection of flavors and shipping, can not be specified] . Christmas tree bunch mouth bag: W15cm x H17.5 cm, total length of the strap is 24cm . C'est si bon natural wood spoon (one wooden spoon is made of natural wood, each piece has different textures and small differences in shape) . Every Christmas stock limited edition is accompanied by a Christmas card. . Jam bottle mouth Christmas decoration stickers will be randomly selected Cloth pockets are cute styles that have been popular in recent years. The fabric of the pouch is thick and the feel is even more This pouch can be raised and recommended, very recommended! The packaging part is mainly transport safety, not a giftable style. The design of this group of products is that you can directly put the jam in the bag and send it out. To reduce over-packaging and consuming resources, to protect the planet requires us to work together Intimate / All the above products are clearly sized. Please learn more about the purchase. Do not place an order in the same way as the imaginary. If the product is not available, you cannot apply for a return according to the size of your imagination. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 I wish everyone and your friends a warm and beautiful Christmas! :) The original intention of making jam is to seal the delicious fruit of the season into glass bottles. It’s like, extending the memory of the shelf life and continuing today’s beauty in the future. In order to remember the moment, be sure to change the season before the next one. Sealing their taste buds The use of all kinds of natural hand-made jams and fruits is a priority in the season. Not only the quality is excellent, but also natural and healthy. Different products are launched according to the season. C'est si bon homemade hand made jam made of pure natural fruit No preservatives and artificial additives are our insistence Presenting the most authentic look and taste of the fruit, please feel free to enjoy the most temperaturey hand! Product specifications / 50g ± 3g x 2 Save instructions / We mark the date of manufacture on the bottle sticker It can be stored in a dry and cool place without sunlight before being opened. It can be stored for more than six months. Opening different bottles at different times will feel different flavor levels Be sure to refrigerate after opening the bottle. It is recommended to eat it within one month. Please use a dry and clean food to eat when eating, to ensure that the jam is well preserved during the early season. Intimate / If there is space in the refrigerator at home, try to keep it in a cold storage mode, and you can maintain the deliciousness of the jam! Mode of consumption / 搭配 Match with toast. Bread. Muffins. French crepes 冲 Brewing hot and cold fruit tea. Bubble water ✔ Add in sugar-free yogurt, cheese, smoothies, ice cream 制成 Made into salad dressing sauce. Into the dish. Dessert. Salted food. ↟ ↟ ↟ To promote the concept of protecting the earth, do your best to protect the earth's heart. We don't overpack to reduce wasted resources and don't make more burden on the planet. When you send it, use the used clean carton tray again. No other wrapping paper bags are available But you will carefully package the goods, so that the goods are still in good condition when you send them to your hands, please don't worry! The temperature of your hands is a source of delicious food and warmth, and is the most precious thing in the world. Food is not only for us to fill our stomachs, but also a life attitude. Origin and manufacturing methods / Taiwan. Manually brewed in small quantities


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