Precious Rose red wood key ring - Cypress manual grinding

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Precious Rose red wood key ring - Cypress manual grinding


A typhoon, blown Cypress tree in the courtyard of the three decades In order to continue its precious value, coasters made of resharpening So that more people feel the temperature of Cypress unique and charming aroma. █ Product Features Cypress. More than 30 years old. Hard wood. Smooth feel The most prominent feature of the tree presented rosy heart, like a ruby attract attention Slightly fragrant aroma, a touch of quiet people in phytoncid █ Product specifications - Taiwan Cypress Natural raw slice thickness of about 1.5cm - Slice diameter of about 4 ~ 5cmm - Key ring color: bronze █ maintenance mode Wood will be because the air temperature and humidity affect the contraction and expansion, it is recommended not to place the product in excessively hot or humid place, cleaning cloth dampened with water to wipe a little, and you can use sandpaper lightly polished surfaces, wood aroma will presented. █ Use (Multifunctional) To select sawmilling branches to use, cut into thin logs become key rings, all from hand to do the production process without the use of large machines cutting, grinding, to increase the wood texture, and let life into phytoncid atmosphere. █ plus optional - leather print Your name will be printed on the leather, to produce unique to your unique commodity, to be customized lettering directly under the new single in a note to indicate the engraved words, we will not take the initiative to ask the message Oh cause inconvenience but please forgive me, thank you very much! - Size: Each character height of about 6mm, width adjustment according to the proportion of each word - Color: brown - Material: leather (South American vegetable tanned leather) (color due to PC screen different, there may be a little color difference) - Words: limited to 10 English characters or less - Additional purchase URL: █ purchase Notes: ※ Product photos are for reference only. Goods actually received, wood grain and photos may not the same. ※ wood for many years due to the growth, coupled with exposure to air, light wood surface occasionally showing black color, is a natural growth phenomenon. ※ use of wood will vary with photos, it is recommended to ask before you buy the current grain situation. █ Brand Profile Wood-ing wood Ying English wood is wood, with English grammar Present Progressive ing, it is hoped to re-let the wood come alive, and perhaps a possible storm, or a serious illness has thus concluded the trees of life, but more than a decade of years, however, want to be reservations, so re-create the timber, so that everyone feel the temperature of the trees, give new life again. ing not only the present continuous, more sustainable use of wood to re-create an image of the screen. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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