Lichen Spring Festival Selections Ceremonial Pottery X Herbal Tea 6 Combination

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Lichen Spring Festival Selection Gifts_Tao Wei X Herbal Tea 6 Combination



Lichen Spring Festival Selections Ceremonial Pottery X Herbal Tea 6 Combination


■New Year Compound Herbal Tea Pottery Gift Set Lichens, Earthing Way X, Mountain House, Wilderness, A Mountain hut In the daily routine of eating and drinking during the New Year, The lichens are prepared for the Shushen herbal tea blended by the mountain house. It contains ingredients such as burdock, mulberry leaf, mint, perilla and cumin. Drinking too much after drinking, can help to suppress flatulence, relieve chest tightness, Make your body a little easier, Very suitable for drinking during the annual festival of big fish and big meat. In addition, it is also matched with the works of Taiwanese ceramic artists. Group Synthetic Year Gifts #陶瓮Herbal Tea 6 into the group of pots of herbal tea 2 into the group, In the spring of the new year, bring good tea and good things to the door, Or as a collection of your own, it is suitable to drink on weekdays. In the future, when the tea is brewed, the pottery can also be used as a food preservation tank for a long time. Pottery cups are of course very good. Rustic and natural utensils and diet, It has always been our favorite style of life. Let the things into life, follow the smell in the wind, Accompanied everyone to spend a good year. ⍋ |Brand introduction • Look out for Pottery • Utensils are life companions that carry the daily diet and the spectrum around them. The food is packed in the utensils, and the table is placed on the table with our moments of hope. The breath of life is born here; Hand-held utensils, quietly feel the roughness and not neat, determine their existence; Touch the lips, send the food to the entrance, and do it in a pragmatic way - the moment in life. Hope for life - look forward to Pottery • Mountain House Wilderness a mountain hut • The experimental kitchen for the thrifty food is also the healing home for living herbs. Many imaginations of urban natural life, we practice here, Also share everything we believe in and yearn for. ⍋ |Product Information The size of the pottery is about 7.5cm in diameter. The width is about 10cm. The height is about 10cm. The diameter of the lid is about 10cm. Capacity Description|About 9g/6 packs (a pack can be used to make a pot or two cups of tea) Ingredients | Burdock, Mulberry, Mint, Perilla, Black Rice, Cumin, Chrysanthemum Direction of use|After eating, abdominal distension, chest tightness, dizziness, poor air condition Place of Origin|Taiwan ⍋ Cooperation brand


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