Creative Lollipop - Spray (5 pcs / in)

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Creative Lollipop - Spray (5 pcs / in)


☆ Introduction ☆ Crystal clear like a glass art-like hand lollipop, are made under the conditions of the environment, each lollipop from the sugar content to the packaging, according to your wedding theme and color to do different changes The We use the German imports of sugar raw materials, compared to half of the average sugar sweetness, in addition to easy teeth, the hypoglycemia effect of the body more burden, the production process no added preservatives, because the sugar Body is the best natural preservative, nor any flavor to do seasoning, please taste that its own light sweet. ☆ Customized project ☆ Can be customized part of the sugar for the positive and negative, the middle of the sandwich and packaging on a small card or ribbon, the price of raw materials according to the amount of sugar, sugar and materials and engineering vary, try to put your mind to say, let us For your design and planning, to send people to convey the mind, so that recipients surprise is our purpose ☆ Product Description ☆ Creative lollipop - spray $ 560 / box According to the number of demand subscript can be Due to handmade, the contents of each lollipop can not be exactly the same ☆ Ingredients ☆ Isomalt, edible pigment, edible decoration ☆ Product specifications ☆ Total length 15 cm Diameter of sugar body 5 cm Diameter of sugar body 0.8 cm ☆ retention period and way ☆ Recommended after the receipt of the six months of consumption, storage, please put away to avoid direct sunlight in the dry and cool place, after unpacking as soon as possible after eating, the environment will affect the role of sugar and gradually fogging, this is a normal phenomenon Affect the consumption, loading sealed containers can effectively reduce the atomization rate. ☆ packaging ☆ Each lollipop with a bag, and bow tie ribbon, 5 individual fixed in the transparent gift box ☆ Related Products ☆ Customized all kinds of biscuits, marshmallow and crystal sugar Apply to wedding small things and candy, business group activities, new store opening, full moon, Candy Bar and Baby Shower ... and so on ☆ Note ☆ After the completion of customized goods checkout, in addition to special reasons do not accept the return policy, please confirm before the checkout, and other goods can be specified in the day before, but do not accept the designated day to the day. All goods are customized, does not apply online shopping seven days of appreciation of the norms, the goods immediately after the receipt of the box to check, if damaged we will immediately send up. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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