Moonstone + Cordierite + Pink Crystal + Citrine + Peridot 108 rosary beads / prayer beads / multi-ring bracelet

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A selection of beautiful peridot, this kind of clear grass green peridot is very rare now! I personally think that the peridot metal accessories are the best with gold!


Moonstone + Cordierite + Pink Crystal + Citrine + Peridot 108 rosary beads / prayer beads / multi-ring bracelet

商品説明 Moonstone + Cordierite + Pink Crystal + Citrine + Peridot 108 Rosary Product description: A selection of beautiful peridot, this kind of clear grass green peridot is very rare now! And the olivine crystals are small, mostly small beads, and 6mm beads are hard to find. Matched with moonstone, Madao pink crystal, citrine, cordierite. I didn’t make rosary with such a high unit price. I took this opportunity to make this peridot rosary~ I didn’t miss it I personally think that the peridot metal accessories are the best with gold! **Please note: Olivine is prone to small ore defects and symbiotic ore, and the obviously damaged beads have been picked out when making** The metal fittings are made of gold-plated brass, please try to avoid contact with water to delay oxidation. Some of the photos are dark and some are bright and are deliberately taken under different light for your reference. The photos are deliberately not retouched too bright, and fully show the light transmittance and natural color. The natural stones used in daisy are all without post-processing and coloring. It is normal that there are occasional unobvious black spots and mineral defects. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Product size description: Peridot-about 6.2MM Moonstone-9.2MM Cordierite-6.8MM Citrine-8MM Madao powder crystal-7MM Brass gold-plated cut corner beads-about 4MM The total length is about 76CM This bracelet is recommended to be worn within 16.5 of the hand circumference, and the daisy is very loose. Due to the design, if the hand circumference is modified, it will become 108 pieces. *The natural stone bracelets in daisy stores all use Japanese elastic silk thread, which is easy to wear. *Please remember to inform if you need to modify it. If you need to increase the price, please consult in advance, thank you. *The daisy hand circumference is about 15cm for reference. *The meaning of XX in the hand is worn within the size of XX. If the indicated hand circumference is 15 to be worn, but your actual hand circumference is 13, of course it will be too big. Please be sure to send a private message to tell your hand circumference!! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- *…→Method of measuring hand circumference: Take the measuring tape around the thinnest part of the wrist is the hand circumference, no need to deliberately tighten or relax! If you are accustomed to wearing particularly loose or close hands, you must inform first. When the elastic cord bracelet is worn, the size must be large enough to pass through the palm and wrist bone smoothly into the wrist. Therefore, it will not fit like a steel wire bracelet. Everyone’s skeleton is different, If the palm is relatively wide and the wrist is thin, then the elastic bracelet will be looser. When daisy adjusts the size, it will try to make proportional adjustments according to the bracelet design. If you have any questions about the product size, please write to us first. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- daisy's persistence *Brass silver-plated beads-high-quality brass silver-plated beads are used, which are extremely resistant to oxidation and are easier to maintain than pure silver. (Note: It is normal for the edges of the beads to have oxidation marks, because the edges of the beads are often rubbed.) *925 sterling silver beads-divided into shiny sterling silver beads and vintage old-fashioned sterling silver beads, both are made of 925 sterling silver, which will oxidize with use and need to be maintained with silver cloth. *The hand-made jewelry uses Japanese elastic silk thread unless otherwise indicated. *Daisy's hand-made natural stone jewelry are all dyed without post-processing, and will not fade if worn in the normal way. (Some ores are afraid of water or heat due to their characteristics, and will be noted first.) *Natural stone crystal jewelry, daisy will be purified before shipment, so buyers can rest assured. *Accessories should be avoided as far as possible from water and collision, especially not wearing a bath, washing dishes, etc. It will easily oxidize the metal part or cause the crystal to change color. *Natural stone jewelry may also have slight color changes due to personal wearing conditions. But not everyone will happen. If you have any doubts, please contact us first. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Transaction considerations ˙*Natural stones will have more or less ice cracks, unobvious lack of minerals, slightly different bead sizes, etc. ˙*The photos will try to show the physical appearance, and due to the different camera angles, there will be some errors, please accept and trade! ˙*The goods can be modified and adjusted according to the buyer's needs, and the modification fee will be charged according to the situation. Please discuss with me for details. ˙*Because everyone’s computer monitor screen is different, some color aberrations cannot be avoided in online shopping. It is not recommended to order if you cannot accept it. ˙*Hand-made products are entitled to a free exchange service within half a year (the buyer should bear the return postage) ˙*The delivery time is "after payment" within five working days, excluding holidays, please contact us if you need it urgently. ˙*Natural stone jewelry will also have traces of time with the wearing condition, For example, the surface of the beads may become foggy, and they are worn out if they are not bright This is inevitable. Wearing sterling silver and gold bracelets for a long time will also have small bumps and wear marks. Therefore, please try not to knock them when wearing accessories.


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