Neem Flower Streamline Style_Hand Dyed Leather Plastic Sterling Silver Earrings

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Neem flower streamline style _hand dyed leather and plastic sterling silver earrings



Neem Flower Streamline Style_Hand Dyed Leather Plastic Sterling Silver Earrings


Neem flower streamline style _hand dyed leather and plastic sterling silver earrings The origin of making neem flowers Last year, I had a great exhibition and vacation time in Chishang, Taitung City A local friend wished to be her beloved neem flower So silently The magical synchronicity makes me often encounter it I never thought that an oversized old tree next to the studio was actually Neem When it blooms in March, the little pink purple flowers are all over the tree The wind blows down slowly As spectacular as snow I feel amazed when I think about it now The beauty of nature is always beyond imagination From the structure decomposition and proportion test of Xiaohua The time spent has not been calculated Don’t force you to put it aside when you think it’s not good enough Waiting time for precipitation and catalysis When the ability to paint and shape is gradually becoming more proficient I'm really happy when I finish The styling is also inspired by YU Muse Made two neem flower styles separately The effect of the film is unexpectedly a realm of unity of characters And look forward to seeing how you wear them Must be beautiful 10X2.5cm Italian vegetable tanned cowhide Japanese glass beads Sterling silver ear hook Gold-clad copper wire Madam and mother make unique works with full of love <Maintenance and storage methods for handmade leather accessories> •Vegetable tanned leather can be maintained by hand grease. The more you use it, the more plant it will look like. Please place it in a dry and ventilated place if you don't use it often, and wipe it with leather care wax regularly, about once or twice a month. •Although the leather surface has been water-repellent, please do not soak in water (bath, hot springs, swimming, sports, etc.) and chemical additives such as cosmetics, perfume, hair spray, etc. If it gets wet, wipe the surface moisture with a dry cloth and keep it in a cool place Lay it to dry, do not use a hair dryer or the sun to dry, to avoid cracking of the leather surface or accelerated oxidation. •It is recommended to put an extra desiccant to prevent moisture when the jewelry is usually placed in a sealed box. For brass maintenance, you can wipe it with a copper wiping cloth or copper oil to keep it shiny. • The fog silver series itself is brass silver plated and then plated with a layer of atomization, which will gradually brighten the silver due to usage habits and time, so you can continue to use it with peace of mind ^^ <About the creation of Italian vegetable tanned cowhide> •Vegetable tanned leather itself will form some scars, wrinkles, stains or texture differences due to animal growth or fighting, which are all normal textures. The work is also a unique natural imprint. •Each work is a unique creation, which is cut, shaped, and sewn by both hands. The production speed is slower than that of ordinary machines, and the temperature of hand-made can be felt better. • Vegetable tanned leather will have a warmer gloss with time and the number of times of use, and increase the sense of accomplishment of raising the skin. Please use it as much as you want. It can accompany you for a long time.


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