Natural 砗 磲 Spiritual Cross King Kong Pestle Rainbow 108 Bracelet Rosary Custom 8mm Energy

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Natural 砗 磲 Spiritual Cross King Kong Pestle Rainbow 108 Bracelet Rosary Custom 8mm Energy


**怎么 说 What the designer says** 砗 磲 From the deep ocean, organic gemstones that have grown and cultivated for thousands of years, contain a powerful magnetic field, which can enable the wearer to enhance the physical and mental harmony and inspire self-intellect. The cross diamond pestle symbolizes absolute concentration, which is the "unshakable essence." The spiritual energy meets the colorful energy of natural gems and the absolute fixation of the cross diamond pestle. **New concept of 108 bracelets** In the traditional concept, 108 bracelets are used by Buddhists and Buddhists, so it would be too old to think about it: p The 108 bracelet is indeed derived from the Buddhist classics, and because of its length, it has to be wrapped around the wrist several times or worn as a necklace. But today, the materials, shapes, and decorative uses of 108 have evolved and changed over time, becoming more fashionable, multi-layered, and versatile. Designers must also adjust according to user preferences to create unique customized works. Furthermore,**108 has never been an exclusive Buddhist, even if it is not a Buddhist, it can accept the auspicious meaning of 108, and the multi-level matching effect**. We often share with our customers that 108 bracelets are outside the body, whether we are Buddhists or not, it ’s mainly in the heart to chant a Buddhist chant or pray,**not tied to or hindered by things**, not to mention being trapped in our hands What is the material of the bracelet, how many pieces are required, how to twist, and whether to hold it in the left or right hand. People should be convenient and comfortable in holding beads. As the "Sutra of the Diamond Sutra" states: "Every phase is false, if you see different phases, you will see it." Bracelets and rosary are also one of the phases, so it should not be used excessively. Regarding it,**everything is comfortable**. **108 Rosary Reasons** The 108 rosary beads represent 108 types of troubles, that is, the six eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind each have suffering, joy, and repose, and among the six roots are three types: good, evil, and flat. There are 36 types in total, and the past, present, and future III of time are added at the end. 108 kinds of troubles mean that there are 108 kinds of troubles for sentient beings, and troubles can produce all kinds of bad karma. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate one hundred and eight kinds of troubles, so that the mind and body can reach a state of silence. Wearing the bead on the hand reminds us all the time to learn the compassion of the Buddha. In any environment, you can maintain a smooth and impatient attitude. In Tibetan, the rosary is called "long tile", which means to miss, miss, and remember, but also to mean continuous. On behalf of Hengchang, he constantly remembers the Guru, deity, air travel, and law protection; it also means that the guru, deity, air travel, and law protection constantly cherish me constantly, and give him understanding and wisdom. **Tridacna** Tridacna Stone comes from the deep sea. It is an organic gemstone that has been cultivated and cultivated for thousands of years. It contains a powerful magnetic field that enables the wearer to enhance the physical and mental harmony and inspire self-intellect. **Cross diamond pestle** Cross King Kong Pestle is composed of four King Kong Pestle with lotus seat. The heads of the four King Kong Pestle are scattered from the center point to four directions. There is no beginning, no change, empty truth. **◈Choose carefully and carefully** Material: Natural urn, white crystal, sunstone, citrine, green apatite, blue apatite, amethyst, 925 silver, 18K gold Dimensions: Bead diameter**8mm**, the diameter of the hand circumference around 5 turns is 5cm,**size is quite large**, the hand circumference can be adjusted by communication. **◈ Expect the only one you meet** We assure you that this is a single product, not a mass production. If you need to reprint or mass-produce, you must understand that the taste is extraordinary, because each work is not 100% the same, but we will work hard to make the style consistent. Please give us some time to brew each good work. **◈About use and collection** 1. Natural gemstones have a natural luster and unique texture (fine black spots, stone textures, ice cracks, clouds, mineral deficiencies, asymmetry and other natural details). As long as you wear them often, you can observe slight changes in the color of natural gemstones. , Usually looks more translucent, more charming, is also the best maintenance method. Natural organic gems (such as coral and amber) have low hardness and are not resistant to acids and alkalis. When soiled, do not wash with detergent, wash with water and wipe with a soft cloth. You can also apply a small amount of mineral oil with a soft brush ( (Such as baby oil) gently brush for conservation. 2. The useful life of metal art products is quite long, only to avoid damage by external force, or strong acid and alkali will cause discoloration. 3. Cloth (satin ribbon, cotton, yarn) has a soft and comfortable texture, and its service life is quite long. Only avoid high temperature, external force damage, or strong acid and alkali to cause discoloration. 4. For any material jewelry, when it is dirty, it should be wiped with soft cloth and water as appropriate, or use an appropriate amount of neutral detergent for the appropriate material. Keep it dry as soon as possible after washing. 5. When the jewelry is unloaded, it must be properly packed and stored to prevent excess air to avoid slowing down oxidation and discoloration. Do not overlap and press. **◈Works packaging and after-sales maintenance** 1. If you have any questions about the works, please ask the station letter to keep in touch. 2. Packaging part, please love the earth with us. We adhere to the principle of environmental protection and recyclability, complemented by the texture of the work, to achieve the purpose of unique packaging, durable delivery, easy access and other purposes. 3.**Your ❤❤❤❤❤ praise, let us feel warm, repurchase in the future, we will not forget to give you gifts**. 4. We provide lifetime maintenance services for works. It is recommended that you take photos of the works you want to update or damage and discuss with us.**precious metals (18K gold, 925 silver), elastic threads of silk thread, hand-made with the replacement cost "all free", freight borne by consumers**, it is suggested that you send may repurchase commodity repair, we will repair complete Sending works with repurchases can save you shipping costs.


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