[Slight box damage and clear out] RAINBOW CORN Ornamental Cultivation Set / Rainbow Corn

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Plant the most beautiful rainbow corn in an environmentally friendly bottom pot that can be decomposed in the soil~~~ *This is a product with creases on the package, but it does not affect the content. If you don’t mind, place an order again! *After the order is placed, the buyer will be given a box damage condition, and the buyer can proceed with the shipme


[Slight box damage and clear out] RAINBOW CORN Ornamental Cultivation Set / Rainbow Corn


※The outer packaging is defective. If you have any doubts, please contact and confirm before buying, thank you!! The colorful rainbow corn, under her crystal clear appearance, actually has a more determined heart than anyone else, just as every success requires immense patience and determination to become the best self! So if you want to meet the beautiful girl, it must take a long time to protect and wait~ **Rainbow corn is a native corn variety, not a product of genetic improvement!** ● Suitable temperature for germination: 20~28℃ ● Sowing season: March to July ● Suitable temperature for cultivation: 20~30℃ https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1905/44307462284_95b836728e_z.jpg 【Planting Teaching】 1. Put the cotton piece into the bottom of the pot, then pour the culture soil and mix with water 2. Bury the seeds in the soil, and then sprinkle water for irrigation (it is recommended to put 1-2 seeds first, and seal the rest for later use) 3. Appropriate exposure to sunlight after germination, waiting for germination 4. When the plant grows to 10~15cm, please transplant it into a larger pot (The original orange basin is made of environmentally friendly materials, and will gradually be decomposed when buried in the soil) 5. Artificial pollination: Sprinkle the pollen of the stamens (the top of the plant) on the pistils 6. Take good care of it and look forward to it growing rainbow corn! 【Product specifications】 Plant: Rainbow Corn Size: about W11.5cm X D11.5cm X H12.3cm Contents: pots, cotton pieces, culture soil, seeds, instructions Material: Eco-friendly paper pot that can be decomposed by soil Origin: Japan [Intimate reminder] ● Maize needs less water during the seedling stage, so you can keep the soil moderately moist. If it is too flooded, the corn root system will not grow easily or even be damaged, such as yellowing and poor growth of the plant. ● Corn plants are in the seed-filling period from before flowering to after pollination. At this time, more water is needed. During this period, soil drought should be avoided, which affects ear quality and yield. ● The color of the fruit will vary depending on the cultivation conditions, the pictures are for reference only ● Before the seeds germinate, place them in a ventilated place ● For plant species that will bear fruit: Use cotton swabs to brush the stamens lightly to help fruiting ● After the seeds germinate, please move the pot to a place with good ventilation and sunshine ● Depending on the planting method or environment, the growth rate and results will be different. In case of poor growth and other problems, we cannot accept the return or exchange after planting, please forgive me.


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