Customization | Hand-painted pet blanket/quilt/air conditioning blanket/flannel | more than 60 backgrounds to choose

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■ Please provide us with well-lit half-length and full-length photos of the pet's head. The hand drawn will be drawn based on the photos provided. After the completion, the rendering will be sent to you for confirmation, and then sent for printing. ■ Due to the limited manpower of the studio, we only provide portrait typesetting services, and we do not p


Pawfect Face

Customization | Hand-painted pet blanket/quilt/air conditioning blanket/flannel | more than 60 backgrounds to choose

商品説明 "Wrap" the fur boy! The blanket is indispensable for cold weather, air-conditioning, and lying on the sofa. It is printed with colorful portraits of your own pets to warm up your space and your heart. It feels fluffy and soft, and cats and dogs love the touch! It is recommended to match with a colorful and beautiful background, which will definitely make your eyes shine after unfolding. ✔️ Carefully selected flannel material ✔️ The touch is delicate and fluffy, breathable and warm ✔️ Saturated and vivid colors ✔️ High-quality resolution printing 【Product Information】 Product name: Custom Pet Fleece Blanket Content: Blanket Material: Super soft flannel fabric, environmentally friendly raw materials, good touch, not easy to fade and line Dimensions: 80x120 cm, 120x150 cm, 150x200 cm Maintenance: washable, avoid direct sunlight when drying; do not wash with bleach; there will be some floating hair in the first cleaning, which is normal **【Order Process】** Customize your exclusive pet portrait pillow in three simple steps! 👌 ▼Please note the following order information ---------------Order Information---------------- **Order number:** **Background code:** **Pet name, font code (English only, optional):** **Pet photos:** ---------------------------------- ⬇️Email us the above information ⬇️ hi@pawfectface .com ⬇️Select the background and font style below -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- **[Photo description]** In order to achieve the most perfect effect and efficiency, please be sure to provide photos that meet the photo description! ! ! Half-length → a photo showing the complete pet's head and chest Whole body → complete pet whole body photo ※The higher the photo pixel, the better the effect of hand-painted presentation! ! Please try to provide clear photos with no filters, no occlusion, and no blur. *If you are not sure whether the photo is suitable, please direct private message designer to discuss with us! **【Select background/text】** Choose the most personalized background for your pet! Selected after__background codes__,__font code__(optional, currently only available in English fonts) to fill the top of the "Order Information" email to us. (Leaving the text blank will be presented with a pure portrait background) ▼Font Styles: ▼Single Colors: ▼Patterns & Themes: -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- **[About design communication]** ➡️ If you have special needs, please communicate with the designer before purchasing (put multiple photos/change color... etc.) ➡️ After starting to draw, you cannot change the photo & design style ➡️ After receiving the design draft, you can fine-tune the design draft once (**not including**changing photos, adding elements, etc.) **【Order Processing Timeline】** 🎨 Design and drawing: 3-5 working days 🐶 Confirm image: If you need to modify it, it will take 1-3 working days 🔨 Start production: about 3-10 working days, the actual number of days depends on the order quantity of each product manufacturer 🚚 Packing and shipping: 2-5 working days, the actual number of days depends on the region and shipping method From order to receipt of goods, the average take about__14 working days__about; special circumstances, such as: festivals, even false, natural disasters, customs and other factors, total approximately **__8-24 days__about **. **[Need to know before buying]** ⚠️ The copyright of the work belongs to the original author of Pawfect Face. The electronic files sold are for personal use and collection only, and the buyer has no rights to reproduce and sell products. ⚠️ Pawfect Face has the right to use works for display, promotion, display and other marketing activities. ⚠️ The works in this shop are all customized according to the drawings. The works are based on the pets in the photos, excluding background objects and portraits; if the photos provided by customers are infringing, please be responsible for them. ⚠️ We only focus on the creation of pet portraits and do not provide portrait drawing. ⚠️ The actual printed product and the screen display cannot reach 100% similarity. The printed color will absorb ink through the material, and there will be a drop of about 5%~15%, which belongs to the normal range, and the non-serious color difference is not listed in the defect range, and there is a perfectionism on the color Please think about it before placing an order. ⚠️ The drawing will start when the order is placed and the payment cannot be cancelled or returned due to any factors. ⚠️ Please make sure you can accept the waiting list before placing an order. (Please note: we do not accept urgent orders.) ⚠️ Due to limited manpower, we do not provide services such as trial drawings, sketches, and multiple revisions. Please forgive me. ⚠️ Personal studio operation, no invoice or receipt, please forgive me. **After placing an order, you agree to the above rules.**


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