Burgundy water-repellent nylon anti-theft backpack laptop computer backpack computer bag travel school bag

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Cody is a waterproof, durable and functional stylish backpack that protects your carry-on items around the clock. Cody has a built-in padded compartment to protect your laptop or tablet. It also has other internal compartments to help you organize your personal belongings in your backpack more easily.



Burgundy water-repellent nylon anti-theft backpack laptop computer backpack computer bag travel school bag


The Cody material is strong and durable. It is an ultra-light anti-theft, water-repellent and durable functional fashion backpack that protects your carry-on items all day long. The designer carefully added a padded shoulder strap to Cody to minimize the burden on your shoulders, and the bag weighs only 405 grams, even if you have to deal with a whole day of travel, there is no problem. Want to take a camera out to see the beautiful scenery and leave a good time? Bringing our other series of CASEY camera liner bags, Cody immediately transforms into a camera backpack, becoming your good partner to leave a moving moment at any time. 10 colors available https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BK_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BU_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360NA_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360OL_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360TE_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360PK_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360LG_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360KH_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360GY_model1.jpg https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360PL_model1.jpg ◤◤Product details◢◢ ◢ The ultra-light Cody backpack weighs only 405 grams. The high-grade water-repellent nylon stands tall and durable, and the color matching high-grade real leather logo design is simple and unique. https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BU.jpg ◢ Strictly select water-repellent fabric as the bag body material to avoid the risk of rainwater infiltration when going out on a rainy day. The water-repellent fabric will not penetrate when exposed to water, but will only form water droplets on the surface. A light splash can splash away the water droplets formed on the surface. https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BU_5.jpg ◢ There are pockets on both sides of the backpack, which is convenient for putting umbrellas, water bottles or other items. https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BU_2.jpg ◢ There is a zipper on the back of the bag that goes directly to the inner compartment of the backpack, so you can take things safely and conveniently. The strap has a built-in thick pad to reduce the burden on the shoulders. The ultra-light bag weighs only 405 grams, so even if you have to take heavier or more items to go out, your shoulders will not be too heavy. https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BU_4.jpg ◢ The switch allows you to safely store valuable personal belongings, especially when traveling, and gives you a sense of security when walking. The inner pocket of the special anti-collision pad can hold a 13-inch Macbook Pro to protect all valuable equipment. At the same time, other internal compartments are attached to help you organize the personal items in the backpack more easily. https://imagelink.ideer.co/CD360BU_3.jpg capacity 22 liters A 13-inch Macbook Pro can be placed in the anti-collision compartment Dimensions (width x depth x height) 270 x 130 x 380 mm materials Water repellent nylon cloth Premium real leather logo Weight: 405 grams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Links to other color numbers: https://imagelink.ideer.co/cody_all_1500.jpg Color No. 1: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/j3VY6Nfy Color 2: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/SRUp9nHS Color 3: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/jYX6qU3p Color 4: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/tRiLhRQu Color No. 5: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/YUZPjPXB Color 6: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/uW9aVG6w Color 7: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/h39GdRaJ Color 8: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/BFcLv4ba Color 9: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/aScXhEYJ Color 10: https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/aftTmLjy . . . Delivery arrangement: Hong Kong buyers: It will be sent by SF Express and will usually be delivered within 1-2 working days after it is sent; Hong Kong SF Station List https://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/S.F.Network/SF_store_address/ Taiwan buyers: It will always be sent by SF Express. Generally, it will be delivered within 1-2 working days after sending. In some areas, the delivery time will need to add 0.5-1 working days. You can check the SF Express website for details. At present, due to the epidemic situation, flights are sometimes affected and Taiwan Customs has strengthened random inspections, and the delivery time has been extended from time to time. Please forgive me, thank you Please note to Taiwan customers: According to the announcement of the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, from January 16, 2020, all personal shipments imported to Taiwan will be certified by real name, otherwise they will not be able to clear the import in Taiwan. Please provide: 1. True Chinese name (the name of the consignee and the ID number of the declared consignee must match) 2. A valid phone number in Taiwan 3. Personal real ID card number Macau buyers: Will be sent by SF Express, generally within 1-2 working days after sending Other overseas buyers: Will be sent by registered mail in Hongkong Post . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ideer was established in 2010 and is committed to designing the best quality fashionable camera bags, laptop bags and digital accessories and other multifunctional bags. We integrate visual aesthetics into our products, hoping to bring digital accessories and multifunctional bags to a new stage, making them a part of personal clothing matching, and providing digital product lovers with practical and fashionable digital peripheral products. We refuse to stick to the rules and strive to create personalized details. Through artistic embellishment, we hope that every design can express our enthusiasm and thoughts. In addition to design, our products also emphasize quality. From product design, material selection, production process, quality inspection, packaging, etc., every stage is meticulous. ideer's products combine function and fashion, provide professional protection while keeping up with the trend, to ensure that the products meet the needs of every user. Since its launch on the market, ideer has become very popular, and has been sold to Japan, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom through its distribution network.


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