New edition of the most __ year | Special edition white notebook with pen

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208 pages, feel comfortable. It is suitable for recording expectations, mood, inspiration and stories in life. Using Japanese Bachuan paper specially made for fountain pens, it is not easy to smudge, does not show through, has no burrs and dries faster, making the writing process more comfortable and smooth. Half of the inner page is light gray grid and hal



New edition of the most __ year | Special edition white notebook with pen


『Here, you can sway freely and share freely. Leave your troubles and write down your stories, let us keep the footprints of memories and write down the path of growth for you. 』 ["The Most _____ Year" Special Edition White Notebook with Pen Swipe] >Record the moment of moving heartstrings >Explore self-growth and transformation >Boldly list action plans that will come true The printing inside the notebook is half light gray grid and half blank; Compared with the previous edition, both the outer skin and inner pages have been revised. The new version of the cover material is not easy to get dirty, and feels comfortable and smooth. The material of the inner page is more supple and smooth. This time, the inner pages mainly use Japanese Yachuan paper specially crafted for fountain pens. It is not easy to smudge, does not penetrate the back, has no burrs and dries faster. Make the writing process more comfortable and smooth. The touch of the pen tip and the paper is black and white, On every page of paper, sway daily to-do items, And the outlook for the future, and finally write a word to cheer for yourself, I believe that a beautiful day will unfold. 『In the middle of the night to write, you can use paper and pen to leave a trace of your mood and thoughts at this moment, and you can sleep well. 』 The self-talk before going to bed settles the messy thoughts that have been spent all day. Say goodbye to today in writing, and you will sleep peacefully and beautifully tonight. Every time you spend with your notebook, it will be your own precipitation moment. 『Several times, the thoughts that surfaced on the page were unexpected before writing, and the inspiration was captured in this way. 』 Instantly capture the present, so that you can re-evoke the original true feelings while reading. It's like a time travel, turning every written text into memories and stories. - We are the Weiliang Project, and I am very happy to meet you. We will continue to be with you in the latest year. Remember to take a break when you are tired. Looking through this thought-bearing notebook, I want you to know at this moment. You will not be alone in the drifting world. |Made in Taiwan |13.3 x 21 cm |Page 208 |Cover--- Plain cloth woven paper 360g |Inner Page--- Japan Bachuan Paper 68g |Title Page---Italian Fragrant Paper 130g


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