Hand made drinks cup bag / small dogs

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To the earth's environmental protection, no one is an outsider! Drink cup cup let you easily from the life of plasti


Hand made drinks cup bag / small dogs


In response to 2018 government launched a new plastic reduction policy Launched a hand cup holder, hoping to start from the easiest to buy drinks from environmental protection A few days ago to chat with a friend who works in a hand drink shop I am excited to ask her: With the plastic reduction policy, what do you think of the impact on consumers? She was very happy to tell me: one day before going to work to use more than 200 plastic bags, and now less than 10 a day! ! ! ! ! I am really happy to hear this! I think we can silently reduce some garbage for the Earth, bit by bit, reducing one a day, a year less 365! (Suddenly think drink is not so sinful) This reminds me of the summer of 2017, I went to work tour amusement park in New York, the United States, I was doing pizza, I picked up the package of cheese into the pizza, put the original plastic bag put cheese, actually Director took away directly! ! ! ! ! (That bag was only loaded once cheese !!! It is completely or still a good plastic bag) I asked why executives can not keep? He actually back to me: used to be lost! Use new! I now feel that I was doing a very wasteful thing, but in rivers and lakes involuntarily, I can only work according to the words of competent, but after returning to Taiwan! I want to use my own strength to do environmental protection! I hope you hear my little story, let us together to plastic! Although Taiwan is very small! But we must have our influence! In order to make the most practical cup sets, repeated version of the version several times, improved some of the details, and finally make the most perfect look ♡ It is possible to put a cup of coffee at most of the major beverage stores, a coffee cup of a convenience store, or a black bean milk in a breakfast shop! (Do not put kettle, Ice Cup, fat cup) ♡ width and width of the lower version, you can make the lower edge of the cup sleeve is also close to the cup ♡ inside thick pound canvas, so that ice is not easy to wet the cup cover https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4671/39164161294_54a936a6a6_z.jpg A purchase of more than five (including five) cup sets, then you can enjoy the group purchase discount Oh! ! ! https://www.pinkoi.com/product/XzQ7KxwC?category=5 Trouble to this store subscript :) ♡ size: waist width 12.5 ~ 13 cm ♡ fabric color due to different monitors have color, I hope we can understand! ♡ Each color can use pinkoi station letter asked made into cutlery bag Oh :) Thank you for reading the lengthy story, let's come together! 9 (. · Ω ·.) و


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