Open the heart of the love girl! Little Flower Jasmine Perfume + Happy Orange Flower Perfume Make the Eyes Smile Magic Perfume

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Dedicated to you who have a girly heart in your heart! How does the innocent Eros Little Flower Jasmine Eau De Toilette have the secret to make your eyes smile? ...Magic is the Little Flower Jasmine essential oil! It is especially recommended to combine with Happy Orange Blossom Perfume to create a charming beauty. Fragrance, the eyes flowed out of girly hap


Open the heart of the love girl! Little Flower Jasmine Perfume + Happy Orange Flower Perfume Make the Eyes Smile Magic Perfume


The latest gift box is on the shelves! Order the revised 35ml now and you will receive it in the latest gift box~ The gift box can also be used to store small items, carefully selected materials that are not easy to get dirty, and the white background bronzing is super beautiful. The new version of Innocent Eros launches a new version of Xiaohua Jasmine! There is a girl who sits quietly, has a delicate back neckline, soft and shiny hair... I couldn't help but look at her once more! I hope he turns around and finds that it is a beautiful woman~ He found out that you were looking at her... Smile shyly.. Smiling eyes, It's beautiful, I can't forget it in my heart :) This is like the feeling of jasmine essential oil, He doesn't feel like Rose is going to be on stage But it exudes a mysterious oriental charm A sexy, mysterious, mysterious shyness, Follow the gesture of his speech, Picking up the long fingers of the water glass, The viewer with a smile when you drink water... Such a girl makes girls look at them intently~ For you who still keep the girly heart in your heart~ First choice jasmine eau de toilette There is a special charm that makes others want to "take the offensive!" Peach Blossom Plenty Group is especially recommended! Pure Eros Little Flower Jasmine Eau De Toilette + Spirit Happy Neroli Eau De Toilette Orange blossom perfume especially brings you "happy" feeling! Want to feel the spark of your creativity? Want to radiate light and happy joy from the heart? Perfume made of neroli essential oil, Really brings people happiness, Like bringing spring from winter, the corners of the mouth will automatically rise! The most important thing to recruit peach blossoms is a happy heart :) Everyone likes people with positive energy^^ Radiate happiness from the heart, Naturally others think you are so bright and beautiful~


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