Paper crane earrings. Lavender colored paper

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Centimeter Studio ♥ Paper Crane Earrings-Shuangyan Pianfei ♥ Size: Paper crane 3cm, earring length 3cm ♥ Color: Lavender ♥ Material: Japanese Yuzen paper, German medical steel ♥ Custom: size, color, ear pin, ear hook, ear clip Medical steel is hypoallergen



Paper crane earrings. Lavender colored paper


Cm Studio ♥ Paper Crane Earrings Custom paper crane colors please refer to colored paper: ♥ Size description: (as shown) Paper crane 3cm, earring length 3cm ♥ Paper Crane Color: Lavender Please refer to the following color version for custom paper crane colors. Portal: Please note that each paper crane folded out of the same paper is different The color may be darker and lighter; brighter and more plain You will meet the little paper crane that has the most fate with you ♥ Material description: Japanese Yuzen paper (origin Japan), German white steel (non-fading, anti-allergy) ♥ Custom paper crane size ♥ Custom details Ear pins: German white steel (non-fading, sensitive) Ear hook: German white steel (non-fading, anti-allergy) Adjustable Ear Clip (Material: Copper-Silver Plated): You can adjust the tightness yourself. U-shaped invisible ear clip (material: resin): The gap of the ear clip is 1.5mm, which will clamp the ear bead and the earring will not fall easily. Those with thick ear beads may be painful, so please consider whether it applies first. ♥ Details added The little paper crane has no fixed face, you can turn her gently ♥ Maintenance method Paper cranes will not fade, and German white steel parts are sensitive, and they will not oxidize and fade. Paper cranes are hard and will not break during normal use in daily life Paper cranes are water-resistant, and will not rot if they are wet or sweaty However, it is not recommended to soak in water for a long time, which will loose the paper crane structure. If it is accidentally dropped, it needs to be dried. You should also take off before bathing, sleeping, bathing in hot springs, swimming, and exercising _____________________ Centimeters experience: [Movie Cooperation Brand] -2018 Huaying Movie "Hospitality" Paper crane jewelry earrings series: "Meet" [Guest of TV show] -ViuTV "Shang Shang", aired on October 2017, Hong Kong 99 ViuTV. 【TV host】 -Hong Kong Radio's "Very Extra House" "Very Manual King". The broadcast date is from November 15th to December 20th, 2016, and it will be broadcast on TVB Jade (TVB), Hong Kong and Taiwan TV 31, 31A and 3 every Tuesday. [Design Competition Review] -Hong Kong Wishing Festival 2017 Mini Hong Kong Style Flower Drawing Competition 【Partner】 -2017 International Youth Summit -SHOW ME CRAFT 2015 【art exhibition】 -2017 Taiwan Cultural Fair -The Second Hong Kong Handicraft Design Exhibition -CNY Minimal Exhibition [Access to newspapers and magazines] -March 2017 <Yi Wenqing> -April 15, 2016 <AM730> -December 16, 2015 (New Holiday) Weekly -November 2015 <Travel 18> Monthly -October 28, 2015 <Face> Weekly -Supplement to Apple Daily on September 30, 2015 [Radio interview] -Xincheng Digital Music Station <Playground Party> -Digital Radio <1+ Baby> _____________________ Creator introduction: Lin Qing Chiny, from Hong Kong, now lives in Taipei. The shop is located in Taipei Mansion. With GIA jewelry appraiser certificate. Master of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong majoring in Chinese, minoring in creative media. Exchange student of Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University. The Centimeter Studio was founded in 2015 and was invited to be a partner of the 2017 International Youth Summit. In the same year, he participated in the 2017 Taiwan Cultural Fair. In 2018, the Centi Paper Crane was invited to cooperate with Huaying's movie "Hospitable Hospitality". Interviewed in newspapers, magazines, TV shows and radio shows. Former TV host, design competition reviewer, Chinese teacher, special literature reporter. Now full-time devoted to text and art creation, trying to inlay jewelry in poetic style. The manuscripts are scattered in Ming Ming edition of Ming Pao, Ming Pao Monthly, Sheng Yun Poetry, Hong Kong Poems, Lingya, Spring and Autumn. _____________________ 【Centimeter Metalwork Chiny Jewelry & Metal】 Have you ever folded a thousand paper cranes for whom? Does this centimeter small paper crane remind you of a time when you missed him? Centimeter love paper cranes She is quiet, she is the gentlest she misses She carries a green and sweet blessing I want to grasp the visible lines to portray feelings Centimeter, is my thoughts drawn into a line Please like the voice from my heart _____________________ ♥ Shipping precautions: Send "Macau", please be sure to fill in the real full name of the recipient, such as: Chen Xiaoming, CHAN SIU MING Macao needs to show ID to sign for registration, please fill in the real full name of the recipient Recipients with abbreviations / nicknames such as Xiaoming, CM CHAN, CHINY LAM will be rejected To "Macau" Please be sure to fill in the real full name of the recipient! Default is post office registration **Taiwan**to**Taiwan**: Delivery within 2-3 working days **Taiwan**to**Hong Kong**: Registered airmail at post office, delivery within 5-7 working days **Taiwan**to**Macau**: registered post by airmail, delivered within 5-7 working days For shipping charges and delivery times of other delivery areas / other courier companies, please write to us, thank you.


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